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    Unpublished Motown photos.....

    Hello All,
    I know this is kind of an "off the wall" topic, but I am curious how many other members of the forum have unpublished photos of Motown stars from say the early 1970's or before?

    If you do, what do you plan to do with them? My reason for asking is I have some of the contact sheets that have been sold on Ebay in the last few years. I would say that the majority of the images on contact sheets are unpublished. In addition, I have some private shots of BG and Diana. Probably my favorite photos are the five images of The Supremes at the 1965 Michigan State Fair in color, taken by a professional photographer that was local to my area. (they are wearing pink and white brocade dresses which I have not seen any other images of them wearing.) These 5 images were almost lost to the dumpster.....if anyone is interested in the story of how I got them, I would be happy to share it.

    On one hand I know it would be nice to share some of these images, but I've always kept them to myself as once they get "out there" on the web, it gets lost who actually owns them. My plans have always been to donate them to the Motown Museum, someday, when I personally feel I'm ready to part with them. I would love for them to be in the archives there, especially after the proposed expansion.

    At any rate, I would like to hear what other members plan to do with theirs.....

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    Must be I'm the only person on here with unpublished photos!
    Thanks for all the looks at least.....

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    Thanks for posting DW.

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    If anyone has an Four Tops rarities, I'd love to see. I make photos from clips and DVDs. I'd love to see some unpublished Tops photos.

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    I tend to hold on to mine until a suitable CD compilation needs them except for the photos I have on the Velvelettes..which I will use when the ladies have a suitable project.


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