Since I value the opinions and knowledge of the people on here, I am posting this question with an advanced apology and with the understanding that Ralph can delete the thread if he considers it inappropriate.

I am shopping for a new car and as a music lover, I have over 2,000 CDs that I rotate in my car. Well as most of you know, CDs are on their way out and therefore it is hard to find a new car with a CD player.

Today I learned that the Subaru Legacy appears to be about the only 2019 car in its category that does come with a CD player. But most ratings I am reading do not consider it near the top. Honda Accord, which I have owned plenty of, seems to have that honor.

So should I buy a car, using the CD player as my primary goal? Is there enough of a difference in quality to make me regret it? I guess what I am really asking is "are there any satisfied Subaru owners out there who would say go for it?"

And before anyone brings this up, yes I know I should join the digital age, but I just enjoy my CDs sooooooo much that I want to hang on to that pleasure as long as I can. Thanks for any advice if Ralph allows this thread to stand.