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    CD Player Vital in Car Purchase

    Since I value the opinions and knowledge of the people on here, I am posting this question with an advanced apology and with the understanding that Ralph can delete the thread if he considers it inappropriate.

    I am shopping for a new car and as a music lover, I have over 2,000 CDs that I rotate in my car. Well as most of you know, CDs are on their way out and therefore it is hard to find a new car with a CD player.

    Today I learned that the Subaru Legacy appears to be about the only 2019 car in its category that does come with a CD player. But most ratings I am reading do not consider it near the top. Honda Accord, which I have owned plenty of, seems to have that honor.

    So should I buy a car, using the CD player as my primary goal? Is there enough of a difference in quality to make me regret it? I guess what I am really asking is "are there any satisfied Subaru owners out there who would say go for it?"

    And before anyone brings this up, yes I know I should join the digital age, but I just enjoy my CDs sooooooo much that I want to hang on to that pleasure as long as I can. Thanks for any advice if Ralph allows this thread to stand.

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    Interesting. But can't a player be installed in a car that does not feature one? Not sure myself.

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    According to one source, changing anything about the sound system in the Accord is NOT recommended. It does seem to be possible with the Toyota Camry but I just question the wisdom of putting in something in any car that is not factory-installed.

    One dealer wants me to invest in some portable CD player that would plug into my USB or something like that but I can't wrap my head around that concept. That is why I just want a car that comes with one.

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    Range Rover...And yes...you can install a CD player or changer to virtually any model...

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    Now don't start talking about "changers." I had a car once with a six CD changer in it and it was heavenly. In fact wouldn't it have come in handy tonight when I was out for a ride and playing the great 5 CD box set entitled "Total Motown." Highly recommend that set by the way.

    But one guy whose opinion I trust told me that the only way to install a six CD changer these days would be to mount it in the trunk and that would be a royal pain.

    Please keep those cards and letters coming!!!

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    My Car came with an SD Card, I thought I would never get into using it, but it is unbelievable how easy it is! and as I get a new album I just add it onto the small SD Card, can't believe how many albums you can fit on these so small cards.

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    I too share the problem which you have raised. About two months' ago, I was looking for a new car - either Mercedes Benz, Audi or BMW. Most now are being manufactured without a CD player, and when I asked about having one installed, the response was - "we can't install it" and from one or two car dealers, 'why do you want to? Just play music through your iPhone'!

    Eventually, I have ordered a new car (due to arrive early next month from Germany), which HAS a CD player (and a few other items I specifically wanted).

    Several of my earlier cars, had six disc CD changer - these were always mounted in the boot.

    I'm a very long way off from abandoning CD - I rarely will download music (the 'Diana Ross + The Supremes Sing and Perform "Funny Girl"' being the only one I recall).

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    Thanks for your input. I am happy to see that I am not alone in my "old school" ways. I guess eventually I will have no choice but to adapt to the more modern ways. But at least this time I have options for holding on to my CD collection for the life of at least one more car. It is just a matter of "which" car that turns out to me and how I go about getting my CDs played. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people that only buy a car every 10-15 years and just run them into the ground. But that is not my style........I generally trade every 3-4 years. I have been around long enough to remember having a car with an 8 track player, then one with both 8 track AND cassette during that transitional phase, then one with both cassette and CD, and finally I thought with CDs we would have it made in the music industry, at least for as long as I was still alive! But here we are! Thanks again to you and others for your input.

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    In my last car I installed a CD player which had a USB port on the side....
    In my new car it has just a standard CD player... I now miss my old player especially on long journeys...

    Get one with a USB and just load it up with your favourite tunes... you'll never wanna go backwards after that

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    The latest on this story is that I have now found a second option to choose from that does have a standard CD player in its 2019 model. It is the Volkswagen Passat. So, despite how highly rated the Accord and Camry are, I will most likely decide in the next few days between a Legacy and a Passat. It will depend on who offers me the best deal. Thanks again for all the nice input.

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    I must admit, I always buy German cars (or just occasionally a Japanese one). You can't go wrong with German ones - I've had BMW, Audi and VW in the past. I'd choose a Passat (well, if I was going to choose a non-soft top).

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    This is actually an important discussion. I was disappointed when I bought my last car and it did not have the cd player but these days I usually listen to my music on shuffle so the auxiliary plug is a God send. I specifically bought an android phone just to hold my sd card that has close to 4,000 songs on it. My iPhone is just for calling, texting, etc. It's always a great surprise when you don't know which song will be playing next. I also have a 2000 Volvo which drives like a charm and has a cd and cassette player. Now that's an added bonus because prior to purchasing that car from an 82 year old gentleman, I had boxes of cassettes that I hadn't heard in years so every once in a while I take that car out just to enjoy my cassettes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexstassi View Post
    Get one with a USB and just load it up with your favourite tunes... you'll never wanna go backwards after that
    It's true. I used to be wedded to my CDs. Now I have a tiny 128gb flashdrive that houses music from about 300 CDs organized by artist and album. No stratching, no skipping.

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    Still no decision but if you believe in karma, kismet and all that stuff, you will get a charge out of what happened to me tonight........the outgoing car must have picked up vibrations that I am about to get rid of her because the battery died on me in a rather isolated out of the way place. So when I trade it in the next week or so, the new owner will be getting a brand new battery!

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    I just purchased a 2019 Subaru Forester and was glad to see it had a CD player. I need to upgrade the sound though. It's lacking in the low end. Times have changed but I like my CDs also. The Forester doesn't have a storage bin to fit CDs though. The one under the arm rest is small and I have my GPS in a case there so, it's a no go. The safety features and technology in new cars are nice though.


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