Hi,gang you know sometimes we don't have anything on our minds,but then again we might not have much important stuff going on so we just...babble[hehe]now it may not be about anything and that's just the point why does everything have to be about anything anyhow? you might just feel like saying nothing and that's cool with me because there are times when there's nothing going on in my mind anyhow so why put something there that's not there anyhow,ya dig but how do you talk about nothing if there's nothing to say in the first place?beats me but heck since ain't nothing happening anyhow who cares and this is a long and winding road to anywhere so come on in and join me in a good-BABBLE...I'll be over here by the marker that reads NEXT-as in next babble step right up and convey or don't but say something anyhow I mean you're here right so step right up and put it down or type it up or something or nothing because this is the place for,you guessed it-BABBLE...I'm having a good time over here but there's plenty room for everyone and anyone to join me for what?? BABBLE,like the other day I was thinking about absolutely nothing but how do I express that well just like this am I making any sense of course not and that's why we're here it's not supposed to make sense it's just supposed to make-BABBLE..I 'm like a man running a marathon and this is fun just sitting here grooving with the music[of course there's music]like the other day i was looking at ants close up,did you know that they don't like to be stared at they will walk away if you get to close,well that's gonna close it for this chapter but it's about the-BABBLE!!