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    The ad where Motown nostaliga TRULY began

    Although there was the move to LA and Motown 25, this ad is where that "burnin', burnin' yearnin'" Motown nostalgia began to the next generation.....


    People slow dancing to Motown, plus it was around this time where the Jobete catalog was used to its EXTREME potential (and it hadn't changed since).

    Do you agree? Or was this just an early example?

    I mean re-marketing these now "golden oldies" as "TNT". I can imagine those celebrating the holiday would wait and give it as a Christmas gift after ordering..........

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    I think the reissue of many of the classic LPS in the mid 80's on vinyl was a brilliant idea. With the exception of hit compilations, most had been out of print for years and the chances of finding the more recent one's from the 70's in the remainder and cut out bins were getting slim.

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    I feel that the ad was simply part of the renewed interest in Motown's music that took place during the '80s. It was the decade that saw many of the label's classic albums (and singles) reissued, the hit movie The Big Chill (which used many Hitsville era songs) and of course the Motown 25 special.

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    The 1980's was also when Motown -- always a pioneer in the world of music -- kicked off their involvement in the all-new world of the Compact Disc (CD) by reissuing that HUGE array of cool Motown classic albums as CD 2-fers -- two albums on one CD. I was so excited, I bought every one of them before I even owned a CD player. Anyway, I remember it sparked a renewed interest in Motown classics -- and rightfully so!
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    Initially, they issued very few CDS...They issued the Command Compact Performances first...I have quite a few of those. The 2'fers were great. I wish I had more of them. But other labels were issuing back catalogue on current artist's as well as oldies and I had to control myself somehow. I didn't want my CD collection to get out of control, and swore I would only buy the ones that I loved every single song on the LP...3,000 CD's later here I sit. I had to buy large storage binders and eliminate the plastic cases for space reasons about 20 years ago. The attraction for me wasn't that they sounded so great (many of the primary issue AAD ones fidelity wise don't) but I could play the hell out of them and they would never sound any worse. They also solved the problem of my vinyl having one side play worn to hell while the other side was still VG+...The only one I ever re-purchased again after remastering was Fleetwood Mac's Rumours….that LP that was my top fav for decades. I have never digitally purchased/downloaded music yet. (I tell my friends "I am very 8 Track"

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    I think the nostalgia for "Classic Motown" began in 1977 with the release of "Uptown Festival" by Shalamar.


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