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    PICS: Stars Attend Marvin Gaye’s Commemorative Stamp Ceremony in Los Angeles

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    Sir Keith Holman writes:

    "Dear Sandra, I would have loved for you to have attended this positive, uplifting event Mary Wilson the host of this amazing ceremony at the Greek theater whom I escorted kept the event upbeat, and from Kenny Lattimore performing Marvin Gaye's songs to Barry Gordy speaking, it was such a privilege for me just to be there. It was moving to see so many people of All races joined together to celebrate this momentous achievement especially on Mr. Gaye's birthday! Mr Gaye's family is such an inspiration!"

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    Kenny Lattimore, Mary Wilson, and Berry Gordy Jr:

    Attachment 15360

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    Thanks Marv! So glad for Marvin's family to celebrate his musical genius. The Motown stars are looking great. He was definitely one of a kind. Nobody could ever replicate the emotion conveyed in his music.

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    Thanks for sharing Marv2. It's wonderful to see so many Motown Legends (and others) turning out for this special event honoring Marvin Gaye.

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    You're most welcome. I am very happy that Motown Alumni turned out for this well-deserved honor. It is clear that Marvin was held in very high esteem, especially with those that knew him best.

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    The G.O.A.T.

    Nuff said.


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