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    Chantels to be honored on April 5 in the Bronx, NY

    In case anyone is able to attend the upcoming April 5 ceremony in the Bronx to honor the legendary Chantels of MAYBE fame, it would be really nice if they could post something on the SDF about the event. The article I am including here says that the Cookies and the Toys will be at this FREE event to honor the legendary Chantels.


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    This is wonderful news; thanks for sharing Woodward. The Chantels certainly deserve the honor for their work.

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    My friend I went to college with Mom is one of the original Chantels. This is a very well deserved honor.

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    Very cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marv2 View Post
    My friend I went to college with Mom is one of the original Chantels. This is a very well deserved honor.
    Interesting, Marv. My Mom told me, years ago, she sung with The Chantels, before they were signed. Back when the group and other future acts sung/hung out at Roosevelt High School on Fordham Rd in The Bronx. We lived on 180th. and Valentine Av.
    Long story short, at the time, as a snotty-nosed , ashy kid, I didn't have a clue. Years later, I would scour music sites, Wickipedia, etc. No mention of Irene Williams in ANY bio for The Chantels!
    Consequently, a couple years ago, I revisited her claim. She said she had some "papers" she wanted to give me, about those days. Unfortunately, she died suddenly in 2017. And in cleaning out her FLA. apt., I failed to find any such "papers". Then again, I didn't remove her final effects alone. As I had to fly back to DE., where I've been for over 20 years.

    Any of you fellow SDF posters can bring me closure? Wade in.


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