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Thread: March Madness!

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    March Madness!

    It has only been over for about an hour but have you ever seen anything to beat tonight's Virginia/Purdue game? This is the premier sports event every year and it just keeps topping itself. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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    That was a great game. Love March Madness more than any sporting event (and it's not even close). My Tar Heels got drubbed on Friday (props to an outstanding Auburn team), so I spent most of my free time meditating and trying to will both College of dook and Kentucky to lose today.

    Mission accomplished. Seeing them fall out was almost as satisfying to me as UNC's loss was depressing. Almost.

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    Another miracle finish for the Cavaliers. Monday night should be wild.

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    People are complaining about bad shooting but I think it's just proof that in the men's game, having a good defense is essential to success. Might not see 110 total points tonight but I'm okay with it.

    Heartbreaking loss for Auburn on Saturday night. If only they had Okeke on the floor...

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    I am always disappointed when the tournament is over because it is always sooooooo much fun. But tonight I am thrilled for my Cavaliers, although I could not believe the way they kept letting TT get back in the game instead of putting the game away when they got the lead.

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    Congratulations! I'm a Tar Heel for life. Give Tech some credit for being a fantastic team. Your guys just have ice water where most of us have blood. That late three and push to overtime (from being 4 points down very late in the game) was something to behold. Back in the Ralph Sampson/Othell Wilson/Rick Carlisle days, I had a profound hatred for Virginia basketball. And even though you have beat us often in the Tony Bennett era, I have a hard time hating you now. Prefer to see the Hoos walking off last than dook or Kentucky.

    Soak it up and enjoy. Looking forward to next season already!


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