Hi gang,i'm sitting here diggin the mighty manhattans,and although all of us here know their work,for someone new to their sound it may have started with[kiss and say goodbye]and i cringe when so-called oldies stations only play that one song,this great group has a long and grand music legacy from-searching for my baby-baby i'm sorry-can i-i'm the one that love forgot-i betcha-follow your heart-we are made as one-the boston monkey-baby i need you-i call it love-that new girl-i wanna be-there goes a fool-if my heart could speak-the day the robin sang to me-one life to live..i've always felt that this classic group was always overshadowed by the other great groups of the sixties but make no mistake as we here know,their music stands up to any then and now,and anyone who has seen them live know that they could sing and dance with the best,just a shout out to one of the greatest groups ever-the manhattans!!