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    I really need to Blue, it's just sitting there looking all nice and awesome and waiting to be opened!!!

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    Hey Tom, did you have a happy birthday back on May 23?

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    Hey Gary, yes I did thank you. It didn't quite go to plan, but it was still good.

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    That happens, but at least it turned out okay. Better open Jr. in honor of your now-belated birthday! You'll be glad you did. He's never sounded so good!

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    I haven't bought this yet, but I plan to. I heard " A Walk In the Night" on the radio a few days ago and thought I've got to have this on CD! Junior did some great work in the 70s.

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    Enjoying this set, but not keen on the cover versions on non Motown numbers . Let's face it , Jr. Walker was no singer. Tracks tailored for him work well.
    On that subject, Motown missed a trick by not releasing "Riding high on love" as a single. I'm sure it would have been a decent sized hit for him.

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    I love this set. I think all the 6 albums are really great examples of just how versatile Jr. Walker & the All Stars were. I really like his covers of the non-Motown material, such as "My Love" and "Killing Me Softly." I think the only album I ever had of these 6 is "A Gasss..." which I always loved and it still sounds good.

    For those of you who enjoy the set, be sure to post your reviews on Amazon to help generate more sales and hopefully more such packages.

    I do agree with the earlier poster who said the packaging is a little bulky, but I suppose it's better using sustainable cardboard than a jewel box which will end up in a landfill someday.


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