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    Motown Records Pictorial History Book

    Hello all! Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. I'm the Michigan Publishing Editor for Arcadia Publishing, which is North America's leading publisher of local and regional history. I would love to pursue a photographic history book about Motown Records through our Images of Modern America series and thought someone from the forum might either be interested in pursuing this project with us, or might have some ideas about whom to contact as a potential author based on the group's strong connection to the community.

    Arcadia is a traditional publishing company (there is no cost to work with us) with a popular series of photographic histories called Images of America, which chronicles the histories of communities throughout the country through about 200 historical images and corresponding captions. We work with local historians, librarians, historical societies, writers, folks who know almost the entire community, educators, chambers, or main street groups compiling photographic histories of their hometowns. I encourage you to visit our website, www.arcadiapublishing.com
    , to explore our new titles, and I would be thrilled to hear any suggestions of local writers or history enthusiasts who may be interested in the project.

    Please let me know your thoughts! You may contact me directly at emonell@arcadiapublishing.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks! Emilia Monell, Publishing Editor - Arcadia Publishing

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    Welcome to the forum, Emilia. We wish you the best of luck with your project.

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    Welcome to the Motown Forum, Emelia! Best of luck with your new pictorial history of Motown. You've chosen a subject near and dear to us! I'm looking forward to the final results! - Gary

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    Hello Emelia and welcome to the forum. Sounds like an interesting and worthwhile project. I will send you an email.


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    thomas96 Guest
    I've got some negatives and photos but don't have rights to them. I have some Jackson 5 negatives with rights that I would consider helping out with if you'd like.

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    Does anyone know if this is in the works or is it a dead issue? It would seem logical in the Motown60 celebration this year that it gets published and available for the enthusiasts.


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