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    Cool Don't want to get anyone's hopes up but......

    Alan Broxton
    I didn't make myself clear Andy. I have each and every one of the expanded editions on cd. I was referring to the likes of Funny Girl, Sam Cooke, Country and Western etc which i would like to have on physical cd. But before that i would happily settle for anything that is planned whether that be Reflections, Love Child expanded or the long awaited Ross78, and the rumoured physical release of "baby it's me". Give me any of these and i will be a happy man 💙

    Andy Skurow Ha! Perfect, Alan! They’re coming, those, and maybe a few surprises. 😉

    I copied these texts from the Supremes Expanded Editons Facebook Page. Looks to be from about 7 weeks ago if anyone has not seen this. Things may have changed since then. I believe it may have been George who more recently said that Reflections Expanded has not been green lit yet, so who knows. Maybe Andy could elaborate more on this?

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    I remember there used to been a "Classic Albums" imprint of Motown, but mostly given to same old 70s-80s always-in-CD-print albums, such as 70s Marvin Gaye or Rick James' "Street Songs". I most highly appreciated Teena Marie's "It Must Be Magic" in inclusion in that series though.

    But, the pop cultural foundations of Motown reknowingly began in the sixties, and there's not enough 2-CD single album sets of Golden Age Motown to represent it.

    Yes, I get it, the Supremes were the top name, that Motown setted in competition against the Beatles, but Motown was also built on at least a dozen other awesome names.

    How about, for some, Two-disker special editions on, for in the beginning, the Miracles' "Hi...We're The Miracles", Mary Wells' "Bye Bye Baby", and Marvelettes' "Please Mr. Postman", because really, today, the easiest way to find them, CD-wise, would be unofficial British public domain bootlegs. How about official Motown CD deluxe reissues?

    Another I'd believe would be neat, yes, a Supremes release too, would be a two-disk Diana Ross Join the Temptations & the Supremes. I know, it has been CD-released before, a few times, but of current, not in-print. Plus, that cover is just plain eye-catchingly awesome, of showcasing Motown's two top acts of the time.

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    Ross 78 should be released for her birthday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vgalindo View Post
    Ross 78 should be released for her birthday.
    Maybe in three years , on her 78th

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    Quote Originally Posted by milven View Post
    Maybe in three years , on her 78th
    I know. Lol!!


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