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    Teddy Pendergrass doc on UK Sky Arts Sat 16 March

    For anyone in the UK with Sky Arts TV there's an interesting looking new documentary on Teddy Pendegrass being shown this coming Saturday March 16th at 9pm. It's called 'Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me'. It's so new that the DVD version doesn't get released until March 29th.

    It was released in the US earlier this year and has some good reviews on Amazon.

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    Thanks Alan for the very timely reminder!

    Cheers. Mike

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    This was telecast on SHOWTIME in US last month. It was excellent.
    There is a thread here.


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    Thanks Alan..will tune in.

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    Excellent to read this. Sky Arts - I used to visit them regularly when I worked at Sky giving them all sorts of ideas. I even suggested they video my Detroit session back (free) in 2008 with a view to exploiting the footage with any Funk Brother/Motown connected productions they may be involved with in the future. Yes, it was a two way street where I could have benefited too. I also suggested a Philly idea looking at the 60s and their attempts to sound 'Motown' and the breakaway with their own 'sound' on the late 60s/ early 70s. I mentioned that the musicians and artists are not getting any younger and any footage they acquire would be priceless for future productions. Alas, nada. I will keep an eye out for the programme Alan.
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