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    Nice CBS Sunday Morning piece on "Ain't Too Proud"

    Nicely done story on the musical.....

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    Who would've thought of all of the groups in Motown, it would be THE TEMPTATIONS getting the Broadway plays and the movies!

    True icons these guys are. Glad Otis is here to see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnightman View Post
    Glad Otis is here to see it.
    It shows in this clip how thankful he is....I think he's probably still pinching himself sometimes! I'm glad at least one of the original Tempts is alive to witness it as well....

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    The actors just flail around. Not like the Temptations at all. All this Broadway stuff with bad acting and singing is atrocious. Seems like the powers that be have low standards.

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    I watched this CBS segment. The show was here in L.A. prior to its Broadway engagement. I chose not to see it because these jukebox musicals, for me, are disappointing. In just watching the actors, they don’t move with the precision that the original Temps moved. The outfits during “Can’t Get Next to You” were not accurate. These shows aren’t made for someone like me who was born in the 1950s and lived through the original eras. It won’t distract casual music fans. They want the karaoke experience. I know that “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical” did decently on Broadway. I saw it in its world premiere at The La Jolla Playhouse and hated it. I say this as someone who followed Summer’s career and saw her live several times. Did the fact that it was a big f’ing mess bother most theatergoers who were drinking, paid a lot for their tickets and just wanted to hear ersatz versions of her songs? Nope. I just wish people who put on these shows could be truer to the original choreography, costuming, sound, etc. It’s probably really not possible to recreate the magic that these artists had, and audiences today, by and large, won’t know the difference and don’t care.

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    Personally I think these guys are doing a good job, it is a Musical! and its an honour for The Temptations to reach Broadway and hopefully one day the West End in London. A musical can never be truly accurate to every precise moment, The Motown Story after featuring in The West End is on UK Tour and it is bringing audiences in, perhaps some who never experienced the unforgeable days of the 60'd & 70's, at least they are not using the name that quite a few artists do of a great group claiming to be them! Talking about choreography, like Otis I was impressed with what he told the young guy to do!

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    I am psyched. I will be in the Big Apple next week for work and am going to the show on Monday evening! PSYCHED!


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