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    Patti LaBelle's New Song xxx I Mean, Pie

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    I bought this new buttermilk pie a couple of months ago when we last drove down to the States...it is good but super rich in sugar and fat, so you can really only have a sliver at a time. Tastes even better when it's served warm.

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    I love Ms. Patti's sweet potato pies, but I have noticed that all of her desserts are very high in sugar and fat. Are these actually her original recipes? Who manufactures the product for her? At one time, the pies sold at our local Walmart said "product of Canada."

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    My guess (and this is only a guess!) is that Patti and Walmart discuss a variety that would be good to market, then a commercial recipe is created to match the taste and consistency of Patti's (IF she even ever makes the recipes herself). I would also assume she would approve the final product. Commercial baking involves mass production, shipping concerns, and shelf-life that require lots o' additives not used in home cooking, so it would probably be impossible for any 'home' recipe to be used for mass production. With Patti's health issues it is a tad ... hypocritical ... that her products are so crazy high in sugar (diabetes!) and fat (heart disease!). Let the eater beware!

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    Wow, I wanna try Pattis' buttermilk pie....funny I was in Cracker Barrell Restaurant last wekk & they had a New Buttermilk Pie & I was tempted, although I never liked buttermilk. I'm from the South but I never remember buttermilk pie being around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistercarter2u View Post
    At one time, the pies sold at our local Walmart said "product of Canada."
    Yep, I remember that too. The sweet potato pies were made in Toronto. I'm not sure if they still are. Being a Canadian Patti fan, it's ridiculous that her pies were made in Canada but not sold in Canada. I always have to get them when I cross the border to do some shopping in Niagara Falls, NY or Buffalo.


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