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    FANDROSS Announces Luther Vandross Birthday Celebration April 20

    FANDROSS ‘Celebrating and Continuing the Musical Legacy of Luther Vandross’ Announces Bad Boy/Having a Birthday Celebration 2019 at New York’s Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar on April 20
    Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, will join friends, family and fans of the legendary singer Luther Vandross at FANDROSS: Bad Boy/Having a Party Birthday Celebration 2019,” an extraordinary evening of music, memories and magic at Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar in Manhattan on April 20 (two shows only: 8pm and 10:30pm). Tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fandros...ts-52233853863
    FANDROSS was started by Seveda Williams, Luther’s niece, as a means of celebrating and continuing the musical connection the groundbreaking soul singer had forged with millions of fans. FANDROSS launched successfully in 2018 with its first official event as a two day FANDROSS Festival which featured classic and revised music, a performance, interview and awards film, stage and career memorabilia, a panel discussion and more.
    FANDROSS Bad Boy/ Having a Party Birthday Celebration 2019 takes the audience on a musical journey revisiting Luther’s early years at Cotillion Records, a soulful exploration of deep grooves, background vocals and arrangements and an electrifying evening of epic emotions shared with fans by the very vocal divas, musical titans and singing colleagues who worked directly with Luther as a tribute to an artist who changed their lives.
    “Hello and welcome to FANDROSS ‘Celebrating and Continuing the Musical Legacy of Luther Vandross’ by presenting audiences with authentic, official Luther Vandross events that bring together his family, loving lifelong friends, amazing former singers, renowned musicians and incredible loyal fans,” said Seveda Williams, CEO of FANDROSS, Vice President of Development and Marketing for Vandross LLC, and Corporate Liaison with SME/Legacy Recordings.
    For many years Seveda would gather “my family, the LV singers and band members, his close friends, cast and crew together to celebrate on his birthday. These were fun times filled with hugs and plenty of laughter as everyone reconnected and reminisced about their shared experiences, kinda like a private club. As time moved along and everyone began to get their bearings and hearts healed, (especially mine) I clearly heard the call from his fans asking for a similar chance. They too, missed him. Et voila, and Boom FANDROSS was born!! Events inspired by and including fan participation in order to extend the music loving family to his fans…. I believe the love, warmth and messages my uncle shared with all his fans through his music is needed now more than ever and deserves to live on. Together we can make that happen. FANDROSS aims to present shows and events that hug the essence of who he was. Just like he used to say, ‘we won’t play with your ticket money’. With the encouragement and support of my friends, family, industry greats, Sony Music/Legacy Recordings, you (loyal Luther fans) and my never-ending love for my uncle; the man, his works and his musical legacy we will move forward to create incredible fan experiences. Share in the journey with us.”


    Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar
    254 West 72nd Street
    New York, NY 10023
    United States

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    I am happy that they are finally honoring the great Luther Vandross!

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    Sounds great! Also, Fandross is a great name.

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    Early Happy Birthday, Luther. Love and miss you so.

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    Record Store Day 2019 included a new Luther release: My Body The Louie Vega Remixes on 2 12-inches.
    My record store only had one copy which I got yesterday!
    I believe this release will be widely available later.Name:  luther-vandross-my-body-320x320.jpg
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    Jack, congrats on getting the one-and-only copy thus far! There's a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time!

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    Hey Gary,it is a leftover from the Never Too Much sessions.
    I noticed that on digital download coming april 19, 2019 there is another extra (long)mix not on the 12-inch at 9.35 min.
    Also on the Louie Vega NYC Disco cd there is a unreleased Luther track: Get Myself Together (LV remix)


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