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    Quote Originally Posted by bradsupremes View Post
    There's several sketches for DMC that were never made and I've wondered if they were intended for GIT, but if he wasn't included in the special then most likely those sketches were intended for the group's regular stage wear.

    The original sketch for the TCB green swirl gowns originally had sleeves and a color palette of green, yellow, light blue, dark blue, and purple.

    I know the girls liked some of those chiffon gowns because they could ball them up in a trunk and then when it came to perform, they could take them out, unball them and they'd bounce back with no wrinkles.
    Hoping in Mary’s book she included some of the sketches and proposed gowns. And that there’s some real info about the history of the gowns. Not just pics of the most common ones that we can already see in other books and online

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    Quote Originally Posted by marv2 View Post
    They can say what they want. That darker skinned, older man in the picture looks nothing like Bernard Johnson from the pic of him in 1973 here. They don't even have the same hairline at all. Someone gave Essence that picture and printed without verifying who the guy in the pic actually was. Jean said that it was Stephen Burrows. I still say he looks more like Eddie Kendricks than the other two guys. He dresses how Eddie (and Temptations) dressed in the late 60s, early 70s. The fact that he was touring with the Supremes at that time just makes me believe it is him all the more!
    Marv, if you are referring to this picture

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    this is of Stephen Burrows, NOT Bernard Johnson.

    It is clear to me that Bernard Johnson is the man in the pic with The Supremes. They are wearing the dresses that he designed, and the pic is in an article about him designing dresses for them. He just happens to look like Eddie Kendricks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sup_fan View Post
    Hoping in Mary’s book she included some of the sketches and proposed gowns. And that there’s some real info about the history of the gowns. Not just pics of the most common ones that we can already see in other books and online
    There will be a few sketches, but certainly not all of them. The sketches of gowns that weren’t created are not included. I would have liked to have them all used including the Bob Mackie sketches and a Bernard Johnson sketch that never got made, but I don’t have the final say because I wasn’t the author nor the publisher.

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    of the unused sketches, where there some really great ones? or some really wild ones? lol some that got close to being made but something happened?

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    I don't know how close they got to being made, but all the sketches were pretty great. Three were pretty stunning. There were two sketches that were somewhat different in style than what they were used to wearing, but they're cool to see. The odd thing is that several of the gowns were suppose to be three different colors for each girl, but you can see at the bottom he scratched it out and made them all the same color.
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    were most of these Diana era or later? seems line in the 70s they did a bit more with unique features/colors/etc for each girl. Actually i think mostly in the Scherrie era:

    I can't think of any Flo era outfits that had differences for each girl

    The first i can think of for DRATS was the Fats Waller medley outfits, although i believe those were owned by the production company. not the girls

    *TCB red/pink/orange pantsuits
    *black and white ink-spot gowns - Diana had a huge b&w marabou feather wrap in the productions stills from the TCB Funny Girl medley. did the girls have one or just her?
    *silver batwing pantsuits - D green and M/C blue
    *orange and yellow pantsuits from Hollywood palace
    *silver and bronze gowns from HP
    *Bob Hope show mini dresses

    Jean outfits
    *pink Glen Campbell pantsuits - although all girls had all the pieces, sometimes only Jean would wear the patchwork vest
    *the blue shorts jumper outfit from this thread has some minor differences for each girl
    *the pink gowns in this thread are each a different shade
    *hibiscus gowns from S&C with MJL - jeans feathers and top is lavender while others are pink
    *Chiffon kate Smith gowns - one color for each

    *red fringe gowns from S&C - different bodices for each
    *green chiffon and sequin - different bodices for each
    *bronze and white sequins - mary in white, cindy bronze and scherrie in both
    *dream sequence outfits
    *velvet outfits from Sammy & Co - one is black, one deep bronze and one dark purple
    *black and sequin Jesus robes - the sleeves differ for each
    *white/yellow/orange chiffon - originally only mary was sleeveless and each girl had a different color
    *red billowy outfits - lol not sure what to call these. there's a brief clip of MSS in these red outfits doing You R Heart Of me on Merv. they're not the same red outfits from when they were on Soul Train or used in the photo shoot for HE. not sure if these are their own or what
    *brown striped gowns - worn on Come into my life on ST. the stripes differ with Mary's more blue, Scherrie's more oranges (i think) and susaye's more red/pinks
    *caftans w beaded colors - each a slightly different shade


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