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    "Custodians Of The Hummingbird"

    This is Al Kent`s autobiography and although it hasn`t been proof read it is a very informative and essential read.I hope that a publisher is able to reproduce it in a corrected form.It`s all about Golden World, Ric Tic and Ed Wingate and why the mob was interested in the music trade.It would make a great movie!

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    Mr Wingate was looking for two things regarding his music venture...A place to launder money, and local and civic respectability. Simple as that... It's said that Edwin Starr for one was upset when Wingate sold out to Berry Gordy. He was used to going to Wingates house at all hours of the day or night for money which would come in the form of cash from shoeboxes Wingate kept upstairs in his home. At Motown Starr had to worry about things like payroll taxes, etc...

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    The price of the book is so high that it must have killed its commercial success. Such a pity. It is a great shame because it is a riveting history about Rictic / Golden World and really shows what a difficult and parlous business the making of soul records was for everyone. There are some special photos and the author is of course a renowned performer, composer and producer who gives us the full uncensored history. I have to confess it sometimes is a bit depressing because lives were not easy and discipline and ethics not in plentiful supply. Yet such great beautiful music was created. The author was particularly incensed when his “perfect” production of “Goddess of Love” by The Fantastic Four was butchered by the studio owner.

    I also believe it serves to illustrate just what a true giant Berry Gordy was in creating, growing and holding together Motown by providing direction, discipline, management and taking sometimes very tough decisions in what was a terrifyingly difficult and even dangerous environment.

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    Roger, thanks for posting this. To my knowledge this is the first book written that goes into great detail about Eddie Wingate's creation. Should be a worthwhile read. I just might break down and purchase it.

    Does anyone know of any other books available that are exclusive to EW?

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    Mike, I admit the price of the book is a little high. I paid $50.00 for mine. And it is worth every penny. The book is about the size of an old Sears catalog and chock full of information and a ton of pictures revolving around the Golden World era in Detroit. This is really a one of a kind book and I highly recommend buying it.


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