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    Not Detroit but does any remember the band Graham Central Station w/Larry Graham

    I was going through some of my old 45's and ran across the single of "Your Love". The first few bars are a throw back to "Hot Fun In The Summertime" I always thought they should have blown up bigger and I also love their cover of the Ann Peebles classic "I can't Stand the Rain"

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    Graham Central Station is one of my all-time favorite bands! Why they were never as popular as P-Funk or EWF is a mystery to me.

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    A morphed band created by Larry Graham along with several others from other bands after the dissolution of Sly And The Family Stone. Former members of Sly, Santana and others formed the band Azteca which them turned into Graham Central Station after Neil Schoen left to form Journey...Lenny Williams was also a member for a brief stint...Graham is credited with being the prime innovator of the slap & pop bass style... Lots of member changes through the years, and Graham also pursued a solo career with his distinctive baritone singing voice. Graham was also a pretty devoted religious family man and wasn't perhaps as aggressive in his touring regimen...

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    No, they were not from Detroit, but their records were hugely popular in Detroit and Toledo in the mid 70s.

    Larry Graham is Hip Hop Superstar Drake's uncle.

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    Here is a small example of how popular the music of Graham Central Station was in Detroit when I was a teenager. This is from the local dance show "The Scene" in 1976:

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    OMG, I'm wild about GCS. I actually saw them in concert when I was about 7; I was blown away.

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    I'm a big fan of Larry Graham & Graham Central Station. They made some of the Best Funk Jams of the mid '70s with 'The Jam', 'Release Yourself', 'Hair', 'Can You Handle It', & 'Tell Me What It Is'. And as Coolkatz mentioned, 'Your Love' is a good throw back to Sly & The Family Stone's 'Hot Fun In The Summertime'. GCS's peak years may have been brief and they were overshadowed by EWF & P-Funk but they certainly made their mark.

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    Surely do! A popular album act here in the NYC area.

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    here they are doing a Detroit born number :


    **** sorry, that first video featured some irrelevant visual shots of someone named Heather Graham. I've removed it and replaced it with a different YouTube post.
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    Saw them live here in Amsterdam at the Jaap Eden Hall as part of a 2 day Warner Brothers Music Show in jan.1975 together with Tower Of Power, Little Feat, Montrose and the Doobie Brothers.
    That bass sound kicked right in your gut

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    Quote Originally Posted by marv2 View Post
    No, they were not from Detroit, but their records were hugely popular in Detroit and Toledo in the mid 70s.

    Larry Graham is Hip Hop Superstar Drake's uncle.

    Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks Marv2. Loved Graham Central Station, they had a abundance of hits and loved Larry making that bass guitar talk on "The Jam"


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