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    Since when is Janet Motown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack020 View Post
    Since when is Janet Motown?
    ... since I decided that her family affiliation was Motown and perhaps more of her fans would see the post here.

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    The Jacksons have at this stage almost evaporated what little Motown heritage they have lol


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    Oh??????!!!!! When i think of the jacksons,only their motown hits matter!!

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    I still don't get this whole "residency" thing. In the old days...what they call a residency was nothing more than a contract to appear, and in many cases, it was many more performances than the 10-15 themed shows or so Janet or so many of these other artist "residencies" do...in many cases...more than 10 shows in a single week... Is Janet gonna LIVE there???...The Rat Pack did several "residency's" and didn't even know it...Just a fancy way for a hotel to say..."we've booked artist A for a set number of shows"...Now Sigfried and Roy, Celine Dion, or Barry Manilow did what I would consider actual "residencies"...They appeared regularly for more than a year or in some cases...many years exclusively...not a few shows spread out over several months...
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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Oh??????!!!!! When i think of the jacksons,only their motown hits matter!!
    Not saying in general but THEY have in a sense lol

    I mean onstage, they still keep the Motown stuff to a minimum. LOL

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    Apparently she bumped Celine Dion after 16 years!

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    Check out her Glastonbury performance on YouTube! Phenomenal! She's 53 for crying out loud!!! You go girl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nativeNY63 View Post
    Apparently she bumped Celine Dion after 16 years!
    I thought she replaced Britney Spears?


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