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    Another Star single version.

    Hi does anybody know of a single version of Another Star by Stevie on cd?..i can only find the album version.

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    Just checked iTunes, the single version isn't available there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomatoTom123 View Post
    Just checked iTunes, the single version isn't available there.
    Thanks TT.

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    I think the answer is you need a copy of "The Wonder Of Stevie". This is a 4cd set issued in 1997 for promotional purposes by Jobete. It occasionally comes up on Ebay.
    The version of Another Star on there is only 5:17 long so I assume that is the single version.

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    If you know of a way to obtain the audio from a YouTube video this could help you:


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    The video that rove has linked to:

    The audio on the video is (to my ears) as good as CD/digital. You can use a mp3 converter website to get the audio from any YouTube video!

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    As i recall there is no edit, it just fades early

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    I thought this was going to be a huge hit and it wasn’t; I wonder why

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayouMotownMan View Post
    As i recall there is no edit, it just fades early
    There are several edits in the middle section of the song along with an early fade. I think this great track failed to hit because it needed more extensive editing to create a snappier result for the singles market.

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    I have some thought that it was also released after other singles and after the album had been quite a hit - so maybe the demand was down.

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    Thanks for your input guys....much appreciated,


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