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    Ace Collects U.K. Motown Covers

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    There is no shortage of UK Motown cover versions - some are very good and some just interesting. Just a personal thing in that I don't much enjoy listening to this type of collection. It's a bit like listening to those cover albums such as Top Of The Pops or those Avenue records releases (Alan Caddy etc) - they're no match for the Motown originals.

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    With one exception. Dusty was a match for Motown any day of the week because she loved it so much!

    'When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes' – Dusty Springfield (from Philips LP SBL 7594, 1964) (*)

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    That new ACE collection of non-Motown versions doesn't excite me at all, either. I bought the "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" DVD and really wanted to love it, but when an in-depth tribute to Motown contains everybody's version EXCEPT Motown's, it's a bummer which makes no sense at all. A lost opportunity, for sure. (Sorry, Harry, I wanted to love it but couldn't for that very reason.)

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    But the deluxe CD release of SITSOM was something else with the interviews and vocal-less and stripped mixes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    But the deluxe CD release of SITSOM was something else with the interviews and vocal-less and stripped mixes.
    I only bought the DVD version. I guess I wasn't aware of the CD version at the time. Or, if I was aware, I wouldn't have bought it, figuring that it was just the audio version of the non-Motown performances from the DVD.

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    The single cd of SITSOM is the one that has the performances from the film. The 2 disc deluxe version has them on one disc and then a second disc of just the music. I didn't mind the new version from the film. I was caught up in listening intently to the musicians rather than the vocals.

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    Hi Thom! Yeah, the musician interview content was really good. Think I'm due to dig out my DVD for a replay.

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    Wow I have never heard of most of these artists! Interesting range of covers though.


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