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    Missed tracks

    H i all..i dont know if this has been discussed before but does anybody have a list of cds that contain the odd alternate track or unreleased track that might have been missed because they were on either a compilation album or a best of/greatest hits album that one assumed was just another rehash...thanks in advance.

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    A UK Compilation on the Temptations has "Lullaby of love" 1967 on it. I don't think it appears anywhere else.

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    Thanks Snakepit..thats one i deffinately missed.

  5. The Temptations Love Songs CD has an alternate vocal performance by David on "Since I Lost My Baby."

    Rhino's CD "The Temptations Hum Along And Dance" has the mono mix of "Ain't No Sun Since You've Been Gone" (I don't think the mono mix appears elsewhere)

    Rhino's CD "Smokey Robinson And The Miracles Whatever Makes You Happy" has "Backfire", "Flower Girl" and "Faces" which I don't recall being on any other CD (but I could be wrong)

    The Motown Box set has quite a few alternate tracks, one of the best being the extended version of the Four Tops' "Reach Out I'll Be There", but there are quite a few surprises on that set.

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    This is such a wide ranging question. There are so many examples aren't there, but what was once the odd unreleased track may have seen subsequent release again so perhaps not so uncommon now (if you follow). An example is "What You Gonna Do With Me Baby" from the Four Tops which was first issued in 2003 on Spectrum 067 016 2 Tamla Motown Connoisseurs Volume 2 [UK] but then appeared on Hip-O Select B0003626-02 Lost Without You: Motown Lost And Found.

    A similar thread was started months ago but quickly ran out of steam ...
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    A solo demo version by Lionel Richie of "Endless Love" was included on a re-issue of his first solo album on Motown.

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    Barbara McNair's "On A Clear Day" only appears on the 2003 issued Spectrum 064 713 2 Motown From Broadway To Hollywood [UK].

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    The UK 2on1 Series from 2000 to 2003 contained several bonus tracks which included some previously unreleased gems.

    440-016-834-2 Edwin Starr – War & Peace + Involved (2002)
    Bonus – Love (The Lonely People’s Prayer) (non-lp b side)
    Bonus – Lonely Rainy Days In San Diego (non-lp b side)

    440-016-835-2 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Come & Get These Memories + Heatwave (2002)
    Bonus – Quicksand (stereo single mix)
    Bonus – Live Wire (stereo single mix)
    Bonus – My Baby Won’t Come Back (single b side)
    Bonus – Undecided Lover (previously unreleased stereo mix)

    440-016-836-2 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Dance Party + Watchout! (2002)
    Bonus – Third Finger Left Hand (previously unreleased stereo mix)
    Bonus – Can’t Break The Habit (previously unreleased stereo mix)
    Bonus – No More Tearstained Make Up (previously unreleased alternative take)

    440-016-837-2 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Ridin’ High + Sugar n’ Spice (2002)
    Bonus – I Can’t Dance To That Music You’re Playin’ (single a side)
    Bonus – Sweet Darlin’ (previously unreleased alternative vocal version)
    Bonus – I Promise To Wait My Love (previously unreleased alternative version)

    440-016-838-2 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Natural Resources + Black Magic (2002)
    Bonus – I Gotta Let You Go (previously unreleased stereo mix)
    Bonus – Earthquake (previously unreleased commercially)
    Bonus – People Got To Be Free (alternative version)

    440-016-839-2 Edwin Starr – Soul Master + 25 Miles (2002)
    Bonus – Harlem (single b side)
    Bonus – Girls Are Getting’ Prettier (single b side)
    Bonus – It’s My Turn Now (single a side)

    440-017-080-2 Jr Walker & The All Stars – Shotgun + Soul Session (2003)
    Bonus – Willie’s Blues (non-lp single)
    Bonus – Break It Up

    440-017-081-2 Jr Walker & The All Stars – Road Runner + Home Cookin’ (2003)
    Bonus – Nothing But Soul (previously unreleased stereo mix)
    Bonus – Whiplash (previously unreleased)

    440-017-190-2 Isley Brothers – This Old Heart Of Mine + Soul On The Rocks (2002)
    Bonus – Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) (original 45 mix)
    Bonus – All Because I Love You (original 45 mix)
    Bonus – My Love Is Your Love (Forever) (Previously unreleased single mix)

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    The Temptations 25 Anniversary set included 4 previously unreleased tracks
    "So Much Joy"
    "It Don't Have To Be This Way"
    "A Tear From A Woman's Eyes"
    "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)".

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    Just to mention a few that you just could’t guess by looking at the track lists on the CDs :

    The original COMMODORES 2fer « HOT ON THE TRACKS / IN THE POCKET » contains single versions of songs that were never issued as singles. But more interesting on it is the longest version ever of « Just To Be Close To You », which is longer than anywhere else (vinyl or cd), and never made available again since that 1987 cd release.

    MARVIN GAYE’s 2008 budget 3cds set called « 50 » or « 50 greatest songs » or « Les 50 plus belles chansons » contains the studio count-in before « Ain’t That Peculiar ». This is not found elsewhere to my knowledge.

    MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS’s “Greatest Hits” cd on Tamla Motown from the late 80s contains a few alternate mixes.
    The group’s cd on the Pair record label contained stereo tracks from a few songs from the “COME AND GET THESE MEMORIES” lp plus a songs from “RIDIN HIGH” not on any other cd then. The stereo tracks from their first album sound different than what we got on its UK stereo 2fer released more than 15 years later.

    And there are only a few Motown CDs that doesn’t contain anything new. There are so many subtle differences here and there that the list seems to be endless.


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    Thanks for your input Mysterysinger....I have most of the cds mentioned and did not realize that " On A Clear Day " by Barbara Mcnair was only issued on the "From Broadway To Hollywood " cd.

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    The Jackson 5 "Love Songs" CD includes an alternate "I'll Be There".

    Marvin Gaye's "True, True Loving (The World's Greatest Thing)" only appears on the 1994 CD Motown 530 355 2 "The Norman Whitfield Sessions".

    The Originals "Tear It On Down" only appears on Spectrum 067 016 2 Tamla Motown Connoisseurs Volume 2 [UK].

    Brenda Holloway's "Tell Me Your Story" only officially appears on the 2001 Spectrum 544 426 2 Tamla Motown Connoisseurs [UK] (but is also on a bootleg CD).

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    This CD was the first time I heard the Monitors' "Step By Step Hand In Hand" with an extra verse not heard on the original LP.

    You're welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    The Temptations 25 Anniversary set included 4 previously unreleased tracks
    "So Much Joy"
    "It Don't Have To Be This Way"
    "A Tear From A Woman's Eyes"
    "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)".
    Dreammaker and Thanks To You on the 2nd CD of that set


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