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    where is the Motown Documentary Film that was...

    supposed to be out last year?
    Isn't NOW (60th Anniversary) the time to capitalize
    and shine a media light on the film?
    SO typical!!

    it'll show up 3 years from now..or never
    (like a TCB/GIT DVD release..neverland)

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    I remember an article when it was first announced that it was originally intended for a release in 2018. I assume they pushed it back to this year for the 60th anniversary. I thought Ralph commented at point saying he heard they were adding in the music to the film, but that was a while ago.

    I figured by now we would have heard at least something. A trailer? A release date? There’s still plenty of year ahead, but who knows...

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    Be patient, we still may get it.

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    it would be fabulous if on tonight's Grammies if a trailer/announcement were to be made..good luck with that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnightman View Post
    Be patient, we still may get it.
    Good response. Good things come to those who wait. Just think we have been waiting since the Motown Museum was reopened as a tourist facility in the mid-1980's for the place to be expanded and improved. It appears that this dream will come true in 2019. This is going to be awesome and way far greater than any of us had ever anticipated.

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    Well! Did this post rattle the right chains??? https://www.freep.com/story/entertai...fxjP0iv7Y5HChg
    I didn't realize I was THAT powerful!!

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    I was hoping it would be in theaters! oh well..Miss Ross is gonna be..

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    This year would seem a good time to release the documentary. Should be good.


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