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    Gino Parks

    Didn't make a great many recordings for Motown but there were some real crackers weren't there? First heard this on the UK Motown Memories Volume 3 and loved it straight away. Sometimes comes without the intro (but this one includes it)....

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    Then there's also this...

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    I like Gino's stuff for Motown! I love his voice and energy. I think it would have been great if he had stayed longer, when the Motown sound really established itself.

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    What always captivated me about Gino's recordings was the extraordinary drumming of Benny Benjamin. That guy had a feel that I haven't heard anybody match. His brushwork, his timing, the fluidity and control,hell everything. "Fire" from 1962 was a scorcher too with Gino being explosive and Benny demonstrating Buddy Rich's influence on his playing in his remarkable performance. All of these recordings were made before his heroin addiction got out of hand and was a lot more dependable. Great tracks.

  5. Too bad that Gino didn't last with the company. Once Motown started finding its footing and figuring what would really sell with the public, unfortunately, they let go of a lot of great artists. Too bad they couldn't have started a label devoted to blues and kept many of their older, more R&B-slanted artists.


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