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    Fantastic four - ultra rare video of tracks from alvin stone!!!!!!!!!

    Of all the footage that has come to light, this one takes the biscuit as far as I am concerned. Here are incredibly rare videos of The Fantastic Four, with Sweet James Epps, Cleveland Horne, Joseph Pruitt and Ernest Newsome performing two videos from Alvin Stone (The Birth and Death of a Gangster). All produced by Al Kent incidentally.

    (1) The album was on Westbound but as The Fantastic Four are revered by their Motown/ RicTic fans I have posted on the Motown forum so you don't miss it.

    (2) Apart from the huge pleasure on seeing Sweet James performing, it is really exciting to see Cleveland Horne singing lead on "Have A Little Mercy" which is a phenomenal track.

    (3) The camera crew and production crew did everything in their power to screw up these videos with their appalling "creative" treatments, but given the paucity of any video at all, fans will I am sure be grateful for the video of this great group in any event.

    (4) Marv, 0n 18th November 2015 you posted on the forum that your favourite album by The Fantastic Four was Alvin Stone! I hope you like these videos.

    First performance begins approx 2.30 into the video. Second performance begins approx. 18.40 into the video.

    Note there are also some rarely good videos by other great artists as well.
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    This is really cool - thanks for sharing. Love the Fantastic Four.

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    They've also posted this classic by Eddie Kendricks, one of my favourites:

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    Alvin Stone by the Fantastic Four was one of my brother's favorite albums back in the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motown01 View Post
    They've also posted this classic by Eddie Kendricks, one of my favourites:

    This is excellent and a great time capsule of Soul Music.

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    Before I watch the clips, I would just like the say, the title track is really something else! Psychedelic blaxploitation Detroit soul funk storytelling extravaganza!!!

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    "Have A Little Mercy" is also a wonderful track!!! Not sure I had listened to it before!

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    Also, "Ebony Affair" is a tune!!!!!

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    Wow, they really went all in with the special effects, or should I just say, effects.

    Anyway, I loved the performance, The Four even did a little acting!


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