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    Jeepers. This story gave me the willies. I forwarded it to my brothers who idolize JB; one was floored. Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm floored as well. Thought I read it all in the GQ article years ago but this takes the cake! Just... WOW.

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    very bizarre and I haven't read the whole thing.The JB I knew did not use drugs. I never thought that Adreienne was a good influence on him. Bobby Byrd & Vicki Anderson were not around him much after he was involved with her.

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    The question remains though: who turned him on PCP and cocaine? None of the articles I read ever bring up a singular moment of when things changed for him...unless the people that were around are dead and can't reveal it? If I have to wonder, he started using drugs when he did the Future Shock TV show... I know he started smoking weed sometime around The Payback era (maybe because he allegedly was on Nixon's enemies list and the IRS kept wanting back taxes from him). Then there's Bootsy Collins' recollection of him unknowingly trying LSD and going onstage high as a kite.

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    WOW I'm not sure I can make it all the way to Part 3!

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    WHOA, WHOA & WHOA. This is some heavy, heavy stuff. Like Netflix series stuff. Whoa, I can barely close my mouth reading this. I'm with you TomatoTom123. I was like, can I handle any more but I finished it.

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    I wished they would just quit and let him rest in peace. He did his job.

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    Amen marv,amen!!


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