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    The Love Unlimited Orchestra "The 20th Century Records Albums: 1973-1979" 7CD set

    Barry White released his first solo record on 20th Century Records in 1973 and his string of hugely successful singles and albums established him not only as the Walrus of Love, but also as the pioneer of orchestral soul arrangements.

    Backing his work throughout his years on 20th Century Records was the Love Unlimited Orchestra, a 40-piece ensemble conducted by Barry White himself. Their biggest single was 1973’s Love’s Theme, which went to Number 1 in the US and Number 10 in the UK charts.

    The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979) CD box set brings together all 7 of the Love Unlimited Orchestra’s albums released via the 20th Century Records label, collected together here for the first time ever. All 7 albums have been remastered from the original analogue master tapes for the first time since their 70s release, and they are presented here with their original sleeve and label art.

    15 year since his untimely passing, UMG’s Barry White/20th Century Records (1973-1979) reissue program celebrates Barry White as one of the 70’s greatest artists/songwriters/producers. He established the new sound of orchestral soul that became a staple through the decade and beyond, and this set brings this wonderful catalogue out of the shadows of love and lets the music play.
    1. Barry's Theme (4.28)
    2. Rhapsody In White (3.53)
    3. Midnight And You (5.10)
    4. I Feel Love Coming On (6.23)
    5. Baby Blues (5.30)
    6. Don't Take It Away From Me (4.25)
    7. What A Groove (4.00)
    8. Love's Theme (4.08)

    1. Somebody's Gonna Off The Man (4.23)
    2. So Nice To Hear (2.37)
    3. Alive And Well (1.12)
    4. Find The Man Bros. (2.16)
    5. You Gotta Case (1.25)
    6. Killer's Lullaby (2.22)
    7. Theme From Together Brothers (2.50)
    8. Getaway (2.05)
    9. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (instrumental) (2.38)
    10. Somebody's Gonna Off The Man (instrumental) (4.23)
    11. The Rip (1.41)
    12. Stick Up (1.57)
    13. Dreamin' (0.41)
    14. Killer's Back (0.24)
    15. Do Drop In (2.32)
    16. Killer Don't Do It (1.54)
    17. Here Comes The Man (1.30)
    18. Dream On (1.35)
    19. Honey, Please Can't Ya See (2.21)
    20. Can't Seem To Find Him (4.22)
    21. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (2.38)

    1. Barry's Love (Part I) (4.59)
    2. Satin Soul (4.15)
    3. Always Thinking Of You (3.11)
    4. Power Of Love (3.56)
    5. Spanish Lei (4.52)
    6. You Make Me Feel Like This (When You Touch Me) (4.26)
    7. Only You Can Make Me Blue (3.19)
    8. Dreaming (4.35)
    9. Just Living It Up (3.37)
    10. Just Like A Baby (3.02)
    11. Barry's Love (Part II) (4.42)

    1. Bring It On Up (4.23)
    2. Makin' Believe That It's You (3.37)
    3. I Wanna Stay (4.38)
    4. Give Up Your Love Girl (4.10)
    5. You're All I Want (4.57)
    6. It's Only What I Feel (3.56)
    7. Midnight Groove (5.39)
    8. Forever In Love (4.04)

    1. My Sweet Summer Suite (5.01)
    2. Strange Games & Things (Original Long Version) (8.32)
    3. Blues Concerto (3.42)
    4. You, I Adore (4.59)
    5. Brazilian Love Song (6.09)
    6. Are You Sure (4.08)
    7. You've Given Me Something (3.26)
    8. I'm Falling In Love With You (4.18)

    1. Don't You Know How Much I Love You (5.21)
    2. Stay Please And Make Love To Me (6.59)
    3. Hey Look At Me, I'm In Love (7.28)
    4. Love You, Ooh It's True I Do (4.00)
    5. Whisper Softly (7.32)
    6. Enter Love's Interlude (2.20)
    7. Can't You See (6.59)

    1. Theme From Superman (6.01)
    2. Theme From King Kong (6.06)
    3. Night Fever (5.10)
    4. Grease (3.13)
    5. Intermission (2.21)
    6. Theme From Shaft (5.47)
    7. Theme From A Summer Place (4.14)
    8. The Way We Were (5.09)
    9. As Time Goes By (4.35)
    10. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (4.15)

    Planned release date: 03/29/2019

    Amazon USA

    Available for pre-order soon:

    Amazon Canada
    Available for pre-order soon:

    Amazon UK

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    I also noticed vinyl versions of LU and LUO albums will be for sale starting march 29,2019!
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    A dream come true! Love Unlimited Orchestra is music perfection!

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    Thanks for the advance notice of this release.

    I bought the Barry White set a couple of months ago, and it really is quite amazing. I had completely forgotten how good he was, in the relatively 'early' days of his career as a performer. I think what also stands out for me is how he uses an orchestra - whether it's on 'Stone Gone' or 'Can't Get Enough'. The first track on the first CD, the H-D-H track "Standing in the shadows of love" takes this to another level. It's Barry White at his very best.

    This forthcoming release of the Love Unlimited Orchestra will be so welcomed - as a compliment to Barry's own releases.

    I have pre-ordered it - once again, thanks for the information.

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    His arranger was mostly Gene Page:
    If you like LUO; check out Gene's Hot City album!


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