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    Did HDH ever perform live together?

    The recent cancellation of Lamont Dozier's UK tour got me thinking. Did Lamont, Brian and Eddie ever perform live together (perhaps during the Invictus/Hot Wax days)? I'm not aware they ever came to the UK, but maybe in the US or in the Detroit area?

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    Good question and if so are there any recordings on tape, film or video. Also, did they ever jam at those popular jazz clubs around Detroit with other musicians and singers after hours.

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    I don't think so!!! i just read that Eddie Holland, never performed, again after the the early 60's.

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    I surely begged (and as you all know, I ain't too proud not to beg) ....I mean begged him to be on the R&B special Aretha and Lou Rawls hosted for my "My Music" series. That was the one we had Johnny Bristol on, The Originals and Louvaine backing up Edwin Starr. I so dreamed to have them all together - - but just couldn't make it happen.

    Mr. Holland was a really nice nice man - and heard my pleas, but laughed off that he'd go back to singing live as he'd been out of it so long. I should have begged more - - his voice is amazing!

    So many stories to tell about our shows, it's now our 20th anniversary - - it's time to do a book I think! So many things we made happen, and many that didn't - - but we always tried.

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    TJ, that's really interesting. Thank you!

    On an off topic question, is there any chance PBS in the UK can ever broadcast some of your shows? I know that they are normally fundraisers in the US and I also know that PBS here in the UK only screen documentaries (although some of those cover music and entertainment). Even if they show some of the older concerts and specials it would be truly great to see them......and as the channel here has commercials maybe you'd get some amount of funding from those.

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    [QUOTE=alanh;500833]TJ, that's really interesting. Thank you!

    On an off topic question, is there any chance the UK can ever broadcast some of your shows?

    I think our best chance is with BBC4, no one else in the UK has shown any interest, we just did an Engelbert show too - we have a catalog of well over 200 specials and series. I just haven't found anyone to talk to about it at the BBC in the UK.


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