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    The Jerry Ross Motown Album

    Here's one for the completists only - this CD on the Sequel label includes the tracks from their Colossis/Piccadilly album and their Motown album (745L). 4 sides from the Motown album were released across 2 Motown singles and feature on The Complete Motown Singles Volume 12B so you'll have a good idea what it's all about. A sort of James Last meets Tijuana meets Gerry Anderson lol. Not unpleasant though. It's the final 11 tracks on the CD that made up the Motown album release.

    NEM CD722
    The Jerry Ross Symposium
    Sequel Records

    01 Ma Belle Amie 2:34
    02 Everything Is Beautiful 2:41
    03 When Love Slips Away 3:05
    04 For The Love Of Him 2:58
    05 Let Me Love You One More Time 2:25
    06 Little Green Bag2:27
    07 But For Love 3:15
    08 Montego Love Theme (Romeo And Juliet '70 2:08
    09 If You Do Believe In Love 2:32
    10 Venus 2:38

    MOTOWN 745L
    Medley 3:58
    11 How Can I Be Sure
    Day By Day
    12 Take It Out On Me 3:17
    Medley 4:58
    13I Saw The Light
    Life And Breath
    14 Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
    Medley 2:38
    15 If We Only Have Love
    Oh Girl
    16 It Happened On A Sunday Morning 2:54
    Medley 3:52
    17 Too Late To Turn Back Now
    I Wanna Be Where You Are
    Medley 3:14
    18 Brandy
    19 It's The Same Old Love 3:15
    20 Too Young 2:38
    21 Duck You Sucker 3:07


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    "Duck You Sucker"

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    I remember he had one popular song that was kind of a hit. What was it? I think it was a dance or upbeat song.

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    I have this album downloaded. Don't think I listened to the whole LP but I remember the tracks I did listen to being quite nice!

    "Too Late To Turn Back Now / I Wanna Be Where You Are"

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    Quite a nice track!


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