I had been hoping that someone out there would care enough to release at least SOMETHING else by Denise, who left us a little bit over a year ago. Well I just read on Amazon that a live concert CD from 2007 is going to be released in April on the JSP label.

This is a label that prides itself on releasing extensive collections by jazz and blues artists, including some that they call "complete." Now considering that Denise was around for over 40 years, it would be a tall order for anyone to ever release a "complete" body of her work, but it would sure be fun to think that they might be willing to tackle it someday.

For now I will look forward to this one, and see what else might eventually show up out there. Not only that, but I am happy to see ANYTHING still coming out on CD here in 2019, since all predictions seem to be calling for the format to die out altogether.