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    Lightbulb Contest idea for next year.....

    While I tried to lie down, I couldn't help but think of a big Motown Musuem talent contest for a Supremes-like future girl group to celebrate the official anniversary of The Supremes (the release of "I Want A Guy"). The winner gets a huge recording contract with either Universal, Atlantic, or Columbia (the latter two to pay respect to Aretha). They could come in multiple numbers, and the leads don't all have to sound like Diana, or even Mary or Flo. Original songs one of the contestants wrote only (no covers), and only the really talented should be advised to come just like the current Motown Museum singing competition. No TV broadcast unless for news stories and/or a little coverage from PBS affiliate WTVS (or one of the station's local programs)- that way there would be no weird contestants like on many talent-based reality competition shows like the orginal FOX version of American Idol or NBC's America's Got Talent.

    The alternating celebrity judges (with anger management coaching to avoid arguments) are Eddie Holand, Brian Holland, Lamont Doizer, Martha Reeves, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross (Like I said, not all of them may not be together for every contestant), Berry Gordy, One of Flo's daughters or grandchildren, and not to mention Louvain Demps and Jackie Hicks. Also will judge are the judges from the current Motown Museum talent competition.

    Maybe social media could play a part of this, so if any new social media sites have been published, let Motown Museum know, just be careful.

    The criteria will be based on:

    Originality of song, name, and group name
    Style (maybe)
    Politeness (yeah, yeah, I know that's what got Florence fired after she got upset and drunk, but this is first impression to the public, not what happens down the road)

    Must be 13-17 to enter.

    So what do you think?

    What would be some realistic ways to make it smaller yet still impactful for the winner and/or finalists to have a career as part of a popular girl group that will be remember almost as much as The Supremes?

    After all it took the Supremes to win a talent show in Windsor to realize their star potential......

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    Does anyone have any input on this? This is just a rough idea, not perfect, rough..

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    Sounds like a lofty ambition!😎
    You mentioned the museum already has a current talent competition ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogiedown View Post
    Sounds like a lofty ambition!
    You mentioned the museum already has a current talent competition ??

    Yes it did several month ago

    Perhaps it could have a Supremes theme next year? Maybe this could be a big version of Amplify with Maybe make it bigger with the things I posted? Although General Motors as a sponsor was/is a big deal....
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    Any more input on the idea in the original post?

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    Fun idea. Another anniversary to Be celebrated!

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    More advice? Should I send this idea to Motown Museum?

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    I mean, the (surviving) Andantes are some of the possible judges. I'm nervous submitting this idea, I mean does this generation need a new Supremes? Maybe, maybe not. It could help bring us together, that's for sure. Will this idea change the world.

    I mean, Beatles fans do not want a new Beatles.

    But we're more welcome of a new Supremes, since Flo was PREMATURELY ousted out of the group.

    I think Millennials and beyond need to relive the success of The Supremes, since there is no such thing as time travel.

    Of course youtube comments of Supremes videos will be like: This is the real stuff not that *insert group name here* crap!
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    Sorry to bump the thread but I think this is a great idea.But since "I Want A Guy" was released in '61, the competition should in 2021.

    Any more ideas?

    I apologize if I shouldn't bump my thread

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