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    Unreleased Stevie produced Temps tracks?

    I just read today that after Norman Whitfield left Motown, Stevie Wonder produced some tracks for the Temptations that went unreleased. Anyone know any more about these tracks?

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    No I don't, but I'd be interested to hear them if this is indeed true. This could probably be a story as we've heard quite a few ranging from album titles to artwork "in private hands". It's a plethora of reissues of Temptations albums, hell you can find almost any of them. With that in mind I can't see how not one of these tunes have surfaced throughout the years. Especially with the "Emperors of Soul" boxed set being comprehensive and much research done. Harry's never mentioned them or even dropped a hint that they exist. The only things I can think of is the work being on an unmarked session reel or being severely incomplete (basic tracks- no vocals). But anything is possible because annotations were discontinued by that time and keeping track of the music became more difficult.

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    If true, could it be that the tracks belong to Stevie and he hasn't let anyone near them?

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    It's in the writeup for the Temptations single "Happy People" in the "Billboard Book of #1 RnB Hits" book I've mentioned before.

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    It’s possible that it could be inaccurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackguy69 View Post
    It’s possible that it could be inaccurate.
    Yes, that is a possibility.


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