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    Ed Sheeran will be to blame if a jury rules he copied Let's Get It On (my theory)

    As the legendary Janet Jackson once said in one of her famous interludes, "my little theory here..."

    Here's a theory. I know this thread is gonna be split down the middle in regards to how one thinks if Ed Sheeran stole from Marvin for his song "Thinking Out Loud" but my theory here is that Ed Sheeran may be the one to blame if a jury decides against him.

    Here's why...

    In November 2014, Ed Sheeran released the ballad "Thinking Out Loud", his third release off his "Multiply" (aka "x") album. "Don't" already took bits off Lucy Pearl's 1999 song "Don't Mess With My Man". Anyway, "Thinking Out Loud" became a huge hit by early 2015, going on to peak at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and helping the ginger haired WGWAG (white guy with acoustic guitar) win two Grammys including SONG OF THE YEAR.

    Well this was a bit controversial at the time. Even then. Let's reverse back a little: in 2014, another star in the UK released his debut album that year (Sam Smith with his "In the Lonely Hour" album). When "Stay With Me" was nominated for several Grammys, including Song of the Year (which it won as well), Tom Petty, a few years just before his death, sued Sam for composition credit since the melody of SWM was similar to his 1989 hit "I Won't Back Down". Sam eventually did agree to credit Tom and Jeff Lynne for composition credit.

    This was around the time Blurred Lines got its ruling that Robin Thicke and Pharrell had copied elements of Got to Give It Up without approval. Around this same time, someone uploaded a clip of Ed performing Thinking Out Loud onstage and in the middle of it, he began singing, YEP, you guessed it, [singing] Let's get it on, aaaahhh baby!

    I say that to say this: IF a jury decides this song definitely took some elements of LGIO to their song, it's because Ed himself poke fun at it by singing the two songs. Is it fair? Maybe. Maybe not. But I guarantee you, had Ed shut up and just sang Thinking Out Loud all the way through, we wouldn't be having this discussion over whether he stole the song or not.

    Again, just a theory...

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    They need to stop stealing other artists' work. If they were really talented, then they should prove it and come up with their own original material. I don't think they can. The only kind of artist they are is BS artists!


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