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    Can't you beleve Motown is almost 60 years old?

    I mean really, and Berry still alive and kickin' too!

    I have a few 45s, mostly Supremes, but can't find nor afford a good turntable with the best built-in cartridge (I don't want my Supremes Sing H-D-H to skip at the hit song again and maybe it won't break unless I find a good turntable).

    Anyways, it's hard to believe Motown is Oltown (the label, not the city).

    I think '59-'65 was the REAL golden age of Motown, cause Hitsville was the headquarters, Flo was with the Supremes, Mary Wells, the first official Temptations lineup, Motortown Revues, and of course the Motown Sound was at its best.

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    Uh yeah, I can believe it. hehehehehehehe!

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    12th January 1959...60 years to the day the Gordy family agreed to loan Berry the $800 to fund the release of "Come to me".

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    I do believe that we're just two weeks away from the 60th Anniversary of the release of Marv Johnson's "Come To Me" on Tamla (the official beginning of Motown). It also a privilege to still be able to enjoy the songs & artists of the Classic Motown Era (and to discuss it on this website). Also, it's great to still have Berry, Smokey, Otis, Diana, Mary, Martha, Duke (and others from that time) still here with us.

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    Gotta mention Kat, Brenda, Kim, and Cal. Also, gotta acknowledge Harry and his superb staff for providing us with the award-winning "Complete Motown Singles" boxed CD sets -- giving us, for the first time, access to each and every single released by Motown from the beginning of its formative years in 1959 right up through the end of Motown's heyday in 1972. Sixty (60) years! What a thrilling ride it's been!

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    I could not agree more! Motown was soooooooo young and alive in its heyday and now here 50+ years later, I can still feel like a teenager when I rock out to my car stereo and for the most part not give a flying fig who is watching me or what they think of this crazy old man singing all alone in his car!!!!

    However, I must disagree with some of the posters above on one point. Motown needed time to grow and mature its sound and therefore I think its peak period was from around 65 to 67 as we have discussed recently in another thread.

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    Berry's family believed in him..i remember asking my family for a loan of[80 cents]...they told me that i had [59 seconds]to vanish from sight!!

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    Whoa... just yesterday we were celebrating its 50th lol

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    Knowing that Motown is going to be celebrating its 60th anniversary is making me regret that I never grew up during its heyday. Oh well, I'm enjoying it now, and it's definitely one of the soundtracks of my life. And here's to many more years of Motown joy.

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    I can definitely relate to that Emile. But I still enjoy discovering new Motown music even all these years later. And it's always great knowing that it's still loved by others, even now.

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    I also think it's awesome that we still have so many Motown legends still with us, especially Berry Gordy.


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    I always believed Motown, along with the girl group explosion (which Motown was a huge part of, of course), the "garage rockers", and artists like Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, saved rock and roll from being a fad. Motown helped to make rock and roll an institution and in turn became itself an institution just as the civil rights movement was making leeway so their importance is huge...

    Thanks to the Gordy family and all of the early Motown artists from Marvin to Mary Wells to Smokey for helping to make it happen.

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    I'm doing a 2 hour motown special on Monday 14th Jan on my Soul Salata Radio Show. How do you showcase a legendary label with a 1hour and 45min playlist?? I've chosen 28 tracks from the Hitsville years and selected deep cuts from the 70s and early 80s which don't even scratch the surface!!


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