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    Oooh nice! "even more in 2019" sounds good to me!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing Zani! Always good to hear something from Harry W.

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    I'm showing my age and woefully out of touch.
    This post might as well be in Mandarin Chinese ...whatever happened to plain English.
    But thanks for posting ...I'm sure other members understand it.

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    I'm with Snake on this one - I haven't got a clue what's going on there.

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    Let me try and translate.

    Turned out to be quite a year. Just a few highlights include three No. 1's for Diana Ross, twice on Billboard and once on Billboard Dance Charts (top left). And Verve Records' Ella Fitzgerald triumphs with her first No. 1 ever on the Billboard Charts (mid bottom row). Plus all projects out now include The Temptations and more, and even more in 2019 from the UME (Universal Music Enterprises) team.

    Clockwise from upper left to center: Diana Ross' Remix EP; Harry with Stevie Wonder; Harry with Verdine White and Bruce Talamon; Lee Konitz; Harry with Art Stewart and Iris Gordy; unreleased Ella Fitzgerald recordings; Harry with Fred Wesley; Harry with Salaam Remi; Harry with Maxine Gordon.

    Harry says that someone should record Art Stewart talking for hours (he himself cannot for complicated reasons). Harry was discussing James Brown and jazz changes with Fred Wesley. Harry met Maxine Gordon to discuss her Dexter Gordon biography and Blue Note Records reissues to come.

    Only now am I beginning to realise how little sense it made originally LOL
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    @confused but I think I get it.
    Thanks TT


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