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    Grande Ballroom, Detroit - Question

    I just read several articles about the Grande Ballroom being placed on the historic register of buildings. This was located on Grande River Avenue.

    I am wondering if any Motown artists ever performed there? I do not recall ever reading about any of them singing there.

    If they haven't, I wonder why? Maybe Marv2 can offer some insight.


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    Hi Woodward; if I remember correctly, the infamous Motown "Battle of the Bands" in the early years were sometimes held at the Grande Ballroom...

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    My deceased Great Uncle...Charles N Agree was the architect of the Grande Ballroom and many other historic buildings, many in the Detroit area...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_N._Agree

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    The Grande Ballroom -- Isn't that where they hosted the Sterling Ball? If it is, I think the Motown artists performed there in honor of the late Loucye Wakefield. Am I remembering correctly?

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    No, the Sterling Ball was held at Berry Gordy's mansion. The artists that performed there were in honor of Loucye Wakefield.

    The Grande Ballroom was located at 8952 Grand River Avenue.

    The Graystone Ballroom was located at 4237 Woodward Avenue. It closed in 1972 and was demolishted in 1980. This is the one that Berry purchased. It was massive.

    Grand River is miles from the Woodward locations.

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    Thanks, Woodward. I know the subject of the Sterling Ball was discussed a couple years ago, but, thanks to senior moments, the facts had since escaped me.


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