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    Miracles Greatest Hits CD released on Masters 1235 label

    I was going through some of my CDs and discovered I had an oddball CD called The Miralces Greatest Hits. It was issued on 2000 on the International Record & Cassette label with the item number as Masters 1235. This is an odd CD as there is no picture of the group on it and the insert sheet is generic. I googled the company and then went to discogs and discovered that they have a total of 23 releases on this label but NOTHING on this specific CD. It is odd that Motown would release something like this on an unknown label. There are a total of 23 CDs identified on discogs but no other Motown songs.

    The ten songs listed are Love Machine, I Second That Emotion, Ooo Baby Baby. More Love, The Tracks of My Tears, Shop Around, You've Really Got a Hold On Me, Mickey's Monkey, Going to A-Go-Go, and The Tears of a Clown.

    Anyone know anything about this odd label and how they latched onto these songs to release?

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    Have you actually played the CD? In later years, re-recordings by a Miracles group received several releases (particularly prevalent is an album of Christmas songs). In these cases, the recordings are nothing to do with Motown. Could your CD be simply later re-recordings?

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    I finally was able to listen to the CD. It is a "fake" Miracles group. I must admit that they did a decent performance on all of the songs, but it was not SR&TM. There was absolutely no mention of Motown on the case insert or on the actual CD. I've had it for so long I do not recall where I got it. Heaven only knows.


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