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    She was the absolute best Jazz vocalist. She was also a great actress and beautiful person. Fought for Civil Rights and was just all that. Loved Nancy Wilson's voice. Rest in peace Ms. Wilson and thank you.

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    This is sad news, which I just found out by reading this thread. I always knew of Nancy Wilson, even sold her albums in a record store in my youth, but had no interest in listening to them.

    Then. when in sercvice and stationed overseas, the Armed Service Network constantly played her music and I became a fan.

    She was the consumate singer and performer and I am feel privlaged to have seen her perform live at least once.

    Thank you for your music Ms WIlson

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    what a great, iconic singer she was. RIP Ms Wilson, I saw her on TV so many times, she was a "fixture" on 60's & 70's Variety Shows and as an actress on so many TV shows.

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    Hated to learn of this. I never took the time to get deep into her music, but I have some of it in my collection and it's great stuff. She was truly one of the greats.

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    Sad to hear. A classy singer.

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    Rest In Peace Nancy Wilson. Thank You for the music.

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    This feels like the death of elegance itself. Well done, Miss Wilson; you were the champagne of vocalists. Rest in power.

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    RIP to the lovely Miss Nancy Wilson. I have loved her music almost all my life. A taste I am grateful to have inherited from my parents.

    As a child I was entranced by the pretty lady on the cover of "Just For Now" years before I bothered to listen to the LP. A captivating, elegant performer who I last saw at the Hollywood Bowl years ago. She left us with more than 50 years' worth of brilliant recordings. A distinguished career and well-lived life. And yet saying goodbye brings such sorrow.

    2018 has been especially cruel.

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    What?? Another legend gone,great,great singer and beautiful too,thank you ms.wilson for uplifting my life with your music..r.i.p.

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    I loved it when she would sing this song.....

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    Aw, no! This is so sad.

    I just love Nancy's voice. I have most of her 70s albums and they're all wonderful. Class act.

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    I am glad that the NY Times link in the initial post mentioned that she could sing any genre, because that is the point I was planning to make. I personally always thought of her as a jazz singer and that is where you often found her records in the bins. But she most definitely could do it all.

    For that reason, I often commented that she was one of our greatest all-time singers, even though she might not have been among my personal favorites. Please don't take that negatively because I liked a lot of what she did, but I just liked others on a more consistent basis (Dionne, Shirley, Phyllis for example) for their choice of style.

    But voice for voice and note for note and song for song, Nancy was hard to beat. I loved Peace of Mind and her version of Guess Who I Saw Today, which has been covered by many others, but she did it the best.

    I was fortunate to see her in concert once and enjoyed it immensely. She was so warm and relaxing that you felt like you were sharing a quiet evening with a good friend. Rest in peace elegant lady of song!

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    I bought Nancy's 'Lush Life' album when I was 18 years old. It turned me on to the whole world of jazz vocalists. I'm now 51, and still love all of Nancy's music. She was the last of the 'greats'. R.I.P beautiful Lady.

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    Reading (most ...) of the comments all I can say is 'What more can I say?' other than, perhaps, Nancy Wilson is one of the very few who never made a poor album. Always interesting & nicely 'prickley' when needed on talk shows, an intelligent, no-nonsense lady as well as a beauty and extraordinary singer. Wilson is my friend Jerome's favorite singer ever and he loved when I expressed my opining that Nancy sang every song like a 3-act, one person play. And can we talk about the single 'Street Runner'? Heart-attack cool!

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    My 2 favorite NW albums are All In love Is Fair & Come Get To This with Gene Page.
    The last 5 years there have been a lot of re-issues of Nancy's Capitol albums which I all bought.
    She will be greatly missed.

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    Nancy Wilson always said she did not consider herself to be a jazz singer because she
    didn't sing runs. The irony is that she was one of the finest. I know she lived a full life
    but still I mourn her passing. That both her voice and personae are gone from this world
    has been irking the shit outta me since I learned of it last week. We, that is a couple of
    older forum members and I used to talk about Nancy quite a bit here...I don't have a
    single favorite song of hers. Any I'd name would change from day to day. Save Your Love
    For Me would become Secret Love would become Guess Who I Saw Today would become
    her cover of Marvin Gaye's Just To Keep You Satisfied ad infinitum...She is missed. Always will be for me. Thank her, Bless her, RIP....

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    Nancy Wilson was a classy lady from the beginning to end. Simply amazing......

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    "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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    I recently found[now i'm a woman]by ms.wilson,haven't played it yet but i'm sure it'll be great.

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    I recently found[now i'm a woman]by ms.wilson,haven't played it yet but i'm sure it'll be great.

    Also a great album and produced by Gamble & Huff

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    I recently found[now i'm a woman]by ms.wilson,haven't played it yet but i'm sure it'll be great.
    Good choice! Nancy's "Joe" is the best. Sung by others (i.e. Dusty, Jackie Moore, etc.) but I only listen to hers. Those elegant, aching whispers...

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    Sorry to hear this. Her music brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people.

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    A class act. RIP Nancy Wilson.

    For a bit of a Motown link, Nancy was the first to have a single release of this eventual Motown hit:

    She sounds to me more like Mavis than Mavis on this ! And those strings, great job Gene Page.


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