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    Honey Cone, Scherrie and Vincent Sisters perform

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    Martha and Mary trying to keep order lol!

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    thanks for posting I really enjoyed this. That's the first I have seen of Shelly Clark in many years.

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    You are welcome! There’s some videos of her and group she started as her own Honeycone after this show, on YouTube. And one of her singing in a club with Edna. At some point it was mentioned that Carolyn Wills had retired.

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    Thanks for the info, Luke. I wondered why Carolyn Willis was absent. I Haven't heard
    about her in years nor seen any pics. Wonder what she's been doing since Honeycone?
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    I met Carolyn in late 80's/early90's, she was singing with Doris Jacksons' Shirelles. In fact we met her a couple different times as a Shirelle. As you know she is on the Phil Spector Cristmas LP photo as one of the Blue Jeans (the other Blue Jean is Lillian Washington).

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke View Post
    Great find Luke; thanks for sharing. It's nice to see that the former members of Honey Cone are still doing well.

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    You’re welcome Motowneddie. Carolyn also toured with Seals and Crofts for awhile per her singing on Get Closer.

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    That pic lakeside posted above was for their 80s “reunion” which never happened!

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke View Post
    That pic lakeside posted above was for their 80s “reunion” which never happened!
    Yes, Luke. I have a book with that pic in and I believe they said there were 'internal' problems as to why the reunion did not happen. Too bad. Bet it would have been
    a good one.

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    Martha said "She's so pretty......she woke up like that!" LOL!!!!


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