One of the Motown's bigger mysteries seems to surround EVERYONE involved with The Hit Pack, including "The Three Roberts": Robert Staunton, Robert Walker, Robert Dobyne...and Charles Walker. Though maybe they didn't create music as commercial as Motown would have liked, they did create some of Motown's most um, intense moments on wax.

Are there more of their recordings in the vaults? And the longshot question: I've always loved the torrid, bluesy "Never Say No To Your Baby." The music is wound about as tight as you can get and sounds as if it would have exploded had it been cut any hotter. Is there a track that exists before the vocals were recorded? Maybe it could be included in a track list should another Motown collection like "Motown Guys" appears in some future release (like the release of the music track for the Isley's "Tell Me It's Just A Rumour Baby."

In the meantime, maybe folks here have some insight into The Three Roberts (plus Charles). I know it's been brought up before (and before and before) but it's just about a new year, and maybe someone has some new information to share on these men.