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    The Story of Motown (New and Revised) Available through Amazon.com

    Back in 1979, a book The Story of Motown was written by the legendary Peter Benjaminson which was the first comprehensive book telling of the history of Motown from its inception. I am certain there are forum members who have this book but it was issued 39 years ago and the limited printing of the first edition causes it to be hard to find and can be costly.

    Well if you haven't gotten this book, please consider buying the new and revised paperback edition which was just published in September. It is a truly credible book written by a person who worked in Detroit for the Free Press and was responsible for excellent books about other Motown artists such as Florence Ballard, Mary Wells, and more recently Rick James. He actually interviewed Florence before her death.

    Here are the details of the book which is available through Amazon for only $12.16. This will make a great gift for anyone you know who is a fan of Motown.


    If you have difficulty locating this, put this in the Amazon search box:
    Story of Motown Rare Bird

    The book itself is very comprehensive and talks about many great Motown artists, their background, their successes, and the mark they left on the Motown legacy which turns 60 years old next year.

    The original book was 8-1/2x11 and this new version is 5-1/2x8-1/2. There are scores of great pictures, many that had never been made available before the first book was published.

    I wholeheartedly believe that any Motown fan will be missing a lot if they don't purchase this great book. I feel certain that anyone will learn something that they did not know about Motown and its various artists and the history of Motown in general.
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    Thanks for the heads up woodward, not got this particular book and just added it to my Christmas wish list


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