I've been watching a lot of Rick James-related content lately, kind of by coincidence. After watching Teena Marie's "Unsung" last night, James' songs started running through my head and now, "Standing On the Top" is playing in a loop in my head for some reason.

Here's my question: That song was the lead single on James' "Throwin' Down" album and the Temptations' "Reunion" LP. On James' record it was listed as Rick James feat. the Temptations and on the Temptations' album it was Temptations feat. Rick James. I'm sure there are plenty of examples of songs that appeared on two different artists' records but have there been others where the lead artist and the featured artists switch on each other's jacket/label?

I'm pretty sure I remember it being announced on the radio as a Rick James song in my area but I also wonder if it was announced in other areas as a Temptations song (since it didn't sound like one).