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    New Stevie Wonder documentary on BBC next week

    Radio Times are posting details of a new documentary about Stevie Wonder on BBC TV next week.
    I can't get to my copy but hopefully somebody can fill in the details.
    BBC 4 I think.

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    Friday 30 November
    BBC 4 22.00 pm.
    Stevie Wonder: A musical history.

    Seems to be clips of SW chosen by various "celebs" to showcase his career.
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    Stevie Wonder fans including Martin Freeman and Trevor Nelson celebrate the man and his music by selecting their favourite songs and performances from his scores of hits.

    Well-known fans celebrate Stevie Wonder and his music by selecting some of his best-loved songs. Wonder is one of the dominant figures in American music, a multi-faceted genius whose music has permeated popular culture, and he is not short of celebrity fans. His musical achievements are lauded in this anthology of his greatest hits.

    Contributors include actor Martin Freeman, singers Alexander O'Neal, James Morrison, Beverley Knight and Corinne Bailey Rae, New Order's Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris, DJs Ana Matronic, Trevor Nelson and Norman Jay, Heaven's 17's Glenn Gregory and Martyn Ware, journalist Sian Pattenden and presenter Emma Dabiri.

    Friday 30th November BBC4 10pm – I hour programme


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    Thanks for that Grapevine.

    Great photo of Stevie in Radio Times ( one you've probably seen before - B&W about 1967).
    Article hints are early days but I suspect it will be mostly " Songs in the key of life " and after.

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    This sounds good. I wished we could see it. Thanks Snakepit.

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    I'm sure you can via the BBC web site.
    Hopefully some friendly person with better technical ability can point you in the direction of how to do it.
    Simarlily, "BBC sounds "can pick up all BBC radio ...well worth joining. Free as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    I'm sure you can via the BBC web site.
    Hopefully some friendly person with better technical ability can point you in the direction of how to do it.
    Simarlily, "BBC sounds "can pick up all BBC radio ...well worth joining. Free as well.
    I tried that with ITV and the BBC and got the message their programs were not authorized to be viewed in my area.

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    Ok no problem

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    For this evening show on BBC 22.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    For this evening show on BBC 22.00
    Thanks Snake. Recently 'rediscovered' Stevie's version of My Girl (flip of You Met Your Match) it's a killer

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    Hi Soulwally.
    I am fond of many Stevie b sides and album tracks
    It's a shame we can't get a Lost and Found 64-70 ish on him as there must be some good stuff.

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    Slightly disappointing, although I can see what the producer was trying to achieve. For me there were too many 'talking heads' (some I didn't know who they were) and we really didn't need them talking over every song. There was some great footage, but we never got to see and hear whole songs uninterrupted. And was 'Innervisions' Stevie's breakthrough album, after arguing with Berry about wanting to make albums rather than singles??! Surely that was Music Of My Mind!

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    Just about all of my reaction to it. Music of my mind, as you say, was the breakout lp...I don't think it got mentioned at all. The Talking Heads...I only knew 2 I think.
    The Radio Times hints at budget cuts prohibiting ' proper' in depth documentary's. Stick a few clips on, get ' celebs' to spout wisdom/rubbish and away you go.
    I must admit my post 71 Motown/Stevie collection is not great.
    I do like a lit of later stuff so may get hold of the missing albums. In fact I've already been over to Amazon to check...some cheapish CDs on them.
    I wanted to scream at the TV at the eulogising about Stevie writing My Cherie Amour, when really Sylvia Moy was the main writer...but , did we expect anything better?

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    It was also an outside production for the BBC, so I suspect that if it had been made in-house it might have been better. The concept was also part of the problem. If you're making a programme 'from scratch' you need someone to write it and research it. With the 'talking heads' format we're reliant on the knowledge of the people being interviewed and if they talk rubbish that's what we get. I wonder whether anyone checks what they say, or even knows any better!

    This 'celebrities watching videos' format has been used a few times recently. A cheap way to use/reuse old footage. No doubt it's also jumping on the bandwagon of the success of Gogglebox on Channel 4, which I've never really understood....we watch a programme about other people watching a programme!!

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    Never seen it.
    Nor The Apprentice
    Nor Bake Off
    Nor Strictly
    Nor X Factor

    Am I weird or what?

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    What about I'm A Celsbrity snake?

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    I would like to watch this so might try and find it on catch up

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    Not seen that either.
    Some years ago, Radio Times picked their top 50 shows of the year.
    I had only seen two.

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    Seen most of them and wished I hadn't!

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    And back to the programme. I'm just glad to see one of my all time hero's get some TV time over here in the UK. I was surprised though when 'Ribbon In The Sky' come up as from the In A Square album, but I'll let it go as it was great to see this legend on our screens.

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    I must admit I don't know "Ribbon in the sky" but it sounded very nice .

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    Hey snake, "Ribbon In The Sky" was one of the new tracks on Stevie's 1982 compilation album Original Musiquarium I. It also had "Do I Do" on it (as a new track) which was a fairly big hit in the UK back in the day, and is also one of my faves.
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    Thanks Tom,
    I will look at these albums . I think I have two after he went ' independent' from Motown in 1971.

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    The programme is mainly made up of clips owned by the BBC.
    Notice in the Mistra Know It All excerpt, Wonderlove actually sing 'Mister', never realised this before.

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    I saw Stevie on a double bill with Martha Reeves & Vandellas in Manchester around about 1971.
    Is there anybody who has a list of the dates of that tour please?

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    Four dates with Stevie and Martha, there may be more !...…

    City Hall, Sheffield 23rd January 1971 ( two shows 6.20 and 8.50pm )

    Odeon, Manchester Thursday January 28th 1971 ( 6.30 and 9.0 pm)

    Astoria, Finsbury park, London January 30th 1971

    Colston Hall, Bristol February 2nd 1971

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    Many thanks for that...1971 was an educated guess.

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    Check out those tickets prices !..... lol ! Name:  1971 concerts.jpg
Views: 454
Size:  91.2 KB

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    Wow I remember the poster.
    Many thanks
    I would have had a stalls ticket near to the stage at the Manchester show. Happy Days ...I saw a lot of shows at the Odeon..

    Four Tops...several times
    Gladys & Pips
    Stevie & Martha
    Tempts and Jr Walker
    70s Supremes
    Soul Together..Sam & Dave, Joe Tex, Arthur Conley and Clarence Carter ( I think...about 69/70)
    The weirdest was Chairmen of ths Board...they performed as 3 solo acts...confused everbody.
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    It was a bit later than 71 when I first started going to gigs, I can remember seeing the Spinners, Ben E King, Jimmy Castor Bunch and Sister sledge at Manchester Opera House in 75, saw Gladys and the Pips a few times mid to late 70's.
    Saw Barry White at Kings Hall, Belle Vue, but can't recall the year. Happy days !


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