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    Classic Motown Black Friday Deals

    Classic Motown are celebrating this Thanksgiving with loads of great Black Friday deals across their store!

    Some great discounts in there - go check it out!


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    There's also "Sing HDH: Expanded Edition" (and "A' Go-Go: EE") for sale at $12.99 each! Great way to buy gifts or a second copy for your own collection! WOW!

    Plus, a few older CD releases at some IMPRESSIVE prices. Check it out:


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    Can I ask a silly question, if I were to buy from the Universal store link above could I end up paying import tax when shipped to the UK?

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    McMotown, hopefully this link from HMRC will help answer your question:


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    You don't always get charged mate but it can be hefty when you do. They also charge 5 admin costs on top of the vat. I bought a CD from Japan costing about 13 but the carriage cost was added to the outer label. It cost me an extra 11 from memory. Luck of the draw sometimes

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    Wow, even Motown are doing Black Friday deals

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    Glad to hear you like the look of these deals!

    The store is operated and run in the UK, so you won't pay any import tax if you're ordering from the UK.


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