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    Sorry we missed ya!!

    HEY GANG,I WAS PASSING BY THE CLUBHOUSE AND SAW A NOTE STUCK IN THE DOOR..[WITH A BOWIE KNIFE]I ONLY KNOW ONE PERSON WHO USES ONE..IT READS...mee n mi mules wass a jis passin bi an figered ta pop n an holler at ye citeeslickin carpetbaggers butt yas was gon n we aint got no tyme fo waatin narssir not whin thars a diggin ta do an anutar thang how cum thar aint no hoot gibsun piktures a playin wal enuff of this jawjackin gotta go thars a lots a diggun ta be dun whars ol mel com on mules,mules,,,,,,,muuuuules whi them no akkount creteers iss dun tuuk ta dancin eva tymes i brings umm upp har this iss what thay takes ta duin...whar's mi muskit!!!.......WELL HOW ABOUT THAT, A VISIT FROM OUR OLD FRIEND AND HIS MULES!

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    LOL Old Miner!!!!!! Where you been hiding yourself??

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    Well moe,it may be awhile before we get the answer to that question,as you know the ol soulminer and his mules don't come out too often and since there aren't any...[hoot gibson]pictures playing,i don't know when he'll surface again!!!

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    All this time diggin' for soul hits and he still hasn't found the mother load

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    Yep,but he'll never stop digging..and he has found some golden nuggets down through the years.

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    The Contours and "The Old Miner":


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    That's pretty good!!


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