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    Slightly off-topic perhaps but in Australia the word "Manchester" is used to describe homeware such as towels, bedding, linen etc. Department Stores will have a "Manchester" department and the term is likely to crop up in TV commercials ...

    The term seems to have come into existence down-under as originally most of these goods were imported from Manchester ... as explained here .... https://www.justbedding.com.au/blog/...of-manchester/

    Elsewhere in the English speaking world this use of the term "Manchester" seems totally unknown, though many department stores will advertise that they are having a "Sale" (couldn't resist getting that pun in )


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    Thanks for that, very interesting.
    Obviously the origins are rooted in the cotton industry, with Manchester and surrounding cotton mill towns playing a huge part.
    I like the idea of "Manchester" being written on crates, thus leading to a generic term e.g Hoover, Biro etc.
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    Some light reading regarding Manchester's cotton history.

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    This is an interesting piece about Manchester's role on cotton, the rivalry between the City and Liverpool, with formation of the Manchester ship canal, used to bypass the port of Liverpool and reduce costs on cotton importation.

    The article refers to Manchester supporting the abolition of slavery although it damaged the cotton industry. A statue of Abraham Lincoln stands nearby to the Town Hall.
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    Article on Abraham Lincoln and Manchester support

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    The problem is the sheer number of fares and different bus/rail companies.
    We had a fairly universal bus system but then it was all privatised (Deregulation) and lots of bus companies competed for routes. So tickets for one line won't work on another.
    There are numerous ticket options and you can get good deals.
    But the transport authority responsible do not get the message out to people.
    Numerous good value options are on sale, but the outlets that sell them ( corner shops) are not taught how to sell them…....and bus drivers have so many options , they usually don't know what is available.
    The traveller has to really work hard to fathom it all out.
    I think a return tram journey from my home to town ( we call central M/cr " Town") about 4 miles is £4.
    I use a ticket available to Seniors/pensioners which covers bus, tram and train for Greater Manchester and beyond...£8.50....fantastic value.
    We need a similar plan that works in London..an Oyster card...all purpose ticket. Our Mayor is talking about this.
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    Is that £8.50 per MONTH for unlimited travel by train within The Manchester Metro Area? If so, that's a fantastic deal! In The Netherlands we can a very low-cost monthly pass, but only for 1 route (up and back).

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    No Robb,
    That is a daily charge....unlimited travel and you can change from bus, tram or train anywhere within the boundaries stated, which are quite generous.

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    Hi snakepit, I live about 12 miles from the centre of Manchester !...really looking forward to the Apollo next June, to see the Empress of Soul !

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    Hi Eargasm,
    Good stuff. I'm about 4 mile from the centre.
    Motown the Musical is on in town early next year, so that would be a chance to see it if you haven't done so. I've seen it twice so not sure about a third. Also Jersey Boys is on in town next year...brilliant show if you fancy that.
    What is the Apollo show? Any details?

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    Snakepit, what is the name of the football team there ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marv2 View Post
    Snakepit, what is the name of the football team there ?
    I'm not Snakepit, but one of them is the legendary Manchester United.

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    There are two teams in the top flight...The Premier League.

    Manchester City and Manchester United.
    Fortunes for both clubs have swung and changed places several times since the origins of both clubs.
    United have the best record regards trophies but at the present time, City are very successful and are the current Premier League Champions. After 25 years of great success, United are floundering after their manager/coach Sir Alex Ferguson retired a few years ago. As a United supporter I fear that we will be struggling for a good few years to come.
    My secondary school was built on the ground first used by United when they were formed in 1878.
    The ground, North Road, was used by Lancashire and Yorkshire railway workers, who formed a football team originally called Newton Heath ( my school was Newton Heath Technical ).

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    Thank you both Snakepit and Sansradio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    Hi Eargasm,
    Good stuff. I'm about 4 mile from the centre.
    Motown the Musical is on in town early next year, so that would be a chance to see it if you haven't done so. I've seen it twice so not sure about a third. Also Jersey Boys is on in town next year...brilliant show if you fancy that.
    What is the Apollo show? Any details?
    The Manchester Apollo ( 02) show, is Saturday 22nd June, I have front row tickets to see Gladys Knight !.... can't wait ! https://www.live-manchester.co.uk/gl...2-apollo-show/

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    I saw Gladys (solo) at the Apollo a few years ago. Prior to that, GK&TPs at Apollo about 1980ish and in the 70s at Manchester Odeon.

    The Apollo concert in 1980ish...went to the pub behind (Apsley Cottage) I think...rammed, fought to get to bar...a number of guys in suits and bow ties...desperate for a last drink, we pushed to bar the guys said no worries..we're the orchestra!!

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    Are you going to see Lamont Dozier in February?

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    Snakepit, do you go to any events at Prestwich, Walkden, Whitefield or The Twisted Wheel?

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    55 Motown
    I don't get out to venues these days but if I did, The Twisted Wheel would be most likely. I know the organisers and djs.
    I have friends who go to Whitefield and Prestwich.
    Do you attend any?

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    Yes, I do attend Snakepit. I go to Walkden, Prestwich (yesterday), Irlam (now in Eccles), Whitefield and Rochdale, when I can.

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    I'm sure they are good events...I am probably out of the loop these days.
    I did a web based northern soul show but lack of intetest / support killed it.
    Not really interested in carrying on which is sad.

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    I hear you. Yes, they can be good. I enjoy most (too much r&b sometimes though).

    There are many events and streaming/radio programmes these days. They do help keep the music alive, but often I hear repeats of the same songs which is inevitable I guess. I am from a generation who bought the song because of its merits, not the format it is on, so the constant vinyl reference annoys me. Whilst I appreciate vinyl events, they can never play 'new' finds that are only available on other formats, or indeed freshly recorded productions in that style. I think things will change once we have a 'digital' 45rpm/cd :-)

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    Do any of you guys listen to the "Richie Allen Show" out of Manchester?

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    My show, hopefully, featured tracks not overplayed.
    You can still listen on
    I am like you...I was not bothered about the need to stick to vinyl...the music was the important thing.

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    Don't listen to any shows Marv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    Don't listen to any shows Marv.

    Ok. I follow him on Youtube

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    Not familiar with Richie Allen.

    Re the vinyl, there seems to be fads that go around and the same tunes get more credence than others. I guess part of it is the jocks preference, but I am finding that there is nothing new or a wow factor these days, well, for me anyway. I like the Kent releases because they are celebrating the music with new royalties hopefully for those involved with the song/production originally. I'll take a listen to your mixcloud so 154 is your last one?

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    Yes 114 to154.
    Hope you enjoy them

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    Will do, thank you.

    This is where I am heading today - The Irlam Soul Club (Eccles):


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    Hope you enjoy my shows and your visit to Irlam.
    As I say I don't get out to venues ( my wife isn't keen) and drinking and driving won't do.
    So a trip onto Manchester ( Wheel) would be my best bet.

    Actually, I wanted my show to bring together all the various Manchester events ( it was on FC United of Manchester station) but I didn't get any response, gig guides, requests so I lost heart.

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    Thank you.

    Irlam is good. A tad too many of these blues/R&B tunes with the same chords etc, but I enjoyed it. My wife does not accompany me to the events. Not interested. I would rather she do what she wanted, than sit through tunes she did not like. I must admit, there are becoming more and more I don't like these days. Some of them stand the test of time, but others, are becoming tiresome. I guess it is a state of mind with me right now.

    Sorry to read you lost heart with your podcast show and I can sympathise. I guess the Internet has given easy access to programming for many to be creative, but getting a following or fan base...it's another world. I have lost heart with my song writing and productions in recent years. I can write the songs quite easily, produce something reasonable, but the legal admin, registration, copyright and exploitation is the hard part as in the grand scheme of things, I do not perform. My last co-write and production was with our own Johnny Boy Pryers from up here called 'You ain't changed' (take a listen on YouTube). I released it 2/4/2018 and there it was...gone with the wind. However, the best feedback was from the vinyl lovers saying it would do great on a 7" which I question because I have loads of my Detroit session 45s still available proving my theory that my target audience should not be 60s soul fans. I am slowly starting to challenge myself with new musical initiatives that may be more fruitful...but it is hard. I support live events, NS events etc and pay my money to hear the same old song(s) and I am weary of them. I would actually say I am angry, but that is my problem....many love the songs and clearly when the dance floor fills with something from 1959 that can't be a bad thing :-)

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    I will try that YouTube thanks.
    I'm impressed that you are musical and write songs. I cannot play any instrument or know any music theory.
    If you write some more I hope it goes well.
    Because of losing interest in my show, I've not been playing much music, and I have about 3,000 Motown/Northern/classic 60/70s soul, so a lot to go at. I was heavily into tape swapping and then CD swapping. Again, interest waned when other swappers stopped.
    I hope my shows are OK for you....don't start at the end as I sound depressed!!
    I thought that by being on FCUM radio, the age group of supporters and the Manchester base would attract NS fans but it didn't..despite the station loving my show.
    I also put details on here but no interest at all.��
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    Am heading for show 114 :-)

    The fact you enjoy the music though is a writers dream. People like me, need people like you to enjoy the songs etc. The issue we both have is that the songs and productions of say 1965/6 are joust out of this world, so how can I (we) compete today? (I like the 2nd track on 114 - 'You've got a good thing' which I am listening too). It does not surprise me that interest is hard to acquire on social media/forums like this. Whilst there are very knowledgable individuals all over the place chatting, technology means they can cherry pick the cuts they want to hear rather than listening to say, your show. I am on the third track of 114 and only heard the first one before, so...all good :-) Let me know what you think about Johnny Boy's release. I value your opinion...even though it is probably a tad modern for you lol.

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    I enjoyed it a lot...a perfect crossover 70s type...I featured a few 70s and this was ideal for my show.
    Very good.
    You have a great history of recording with some stalwart musicians.

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    I made a mistake...first show is.no. 110

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    When I said 3,000 ,that's CDs. Both retail and CDrs that I've made up from NS tapes...I swapped 100s back in the day.
    If you, or any friends are interested, I still have loads of cassette tapes left...lots of rarer stuff.

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    Understood re CD's etc. Cassette tapes a no for me thank you. Will listen to 110 upwards. Thank you re Johnny Boy. Yes, 2008 was a special year I guess. I did Detroit and Philly in the same year, priceless really. I forget I did what I did. The plan is to do more with Johnny Boy when I get my act together. Had some personal dramas in the last year. He has a terrific delivery and great on stage. It would be a shame not to cut something else with him. A very knowledgeable individual. Let's se what 2019 has in store....

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    Are you going to see Lamont Dozier in February?
    No I never managed a ticket for Lamont ( although I woulda loved one )... just as well now as he has sadly cancelled !

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    Yes sadly cancelled for the second time. I hope LD is ok.


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