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    Hi gang,now we've talked about this from time to time and it's fun subject,so let's do it once more-i'm talking about your favorite eras of music-is it[1955-1970]-1961-1980]-1960-2000]-[1959-1989]? Just throwing out dates,for me it would be the great music from[1947-1975]of course there has been great songs since but for me those were the golden days,what era does it for you?

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    well arr&bee, I'd say, for me... the early 60s to the early 80s... anything before sounds too dated, anything after sounds too processed... slight generalisation there but you get what I mean

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    I still like (a lot of) music from the 80s onwards. However, I can't get into anything before the late 50s. So there you go.

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    That's great,this is about your fav era.

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    Yeah, that's it, early 60s to early 80s is my favourite era!

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    Wow. That's a hard one for me. I can listen to music from the '50s all day. That's probably my favorite driving music because I sing all of my favorite songs as I'm buzzing around. But music from the '60s is special because I first became aware of the radio and all of my folks' 45s in real time as a little boy then. Then, my favorite era for soul music is the early '70s. I love all of the groups especially from Philly and Chicago that were blowing up between 1970 and 1976. And it was a fun thing when disco borrowed heavily from R&B but few people talk about how disco affected R&B in return. Urban music has never been the same since then.

    But I became a young adult and was able to go to the clubs in the '80s and although a lot of the "soul" was stripped out of R&B in the '80s, it was the most danceable music and period of my life. My best memories took place after graduation and if I was forced to choose between eras, I'd select the '80s because it was just so much fun. With that being said, the evolution of music from the '80s to present day was an ugly thing and I find each decade since to have music that is increasingly difficult for me to listen to. Yeah, I became my dad somewhere in the process...

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    I like the 60s for girl groups, the birth of Soul, and Motown; the 70s for Invictus and Philly; the 80s for new romantic and synth groups; and the 90s for Britpop. Of these the 60s is by far my favourite period.

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    I collect music from the mid 1930s through 1972. My favourite periods between those dates are 1953-55, and 1962-66. I like the greasy R&B harmony groups and Chicago Blues from 1953-55, and the transition from R&B to Soul and The Philles/Dimension Girls Group Sound from 1962-64, and the Detroit Soul/Motown Sound an Chicago Soul Sound from 1964-66, and Avant Garde and Afro-Latin Jazz from 1960-66.

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    Great question. I don't know that I can choose a favorite era, since for me music is just music, regardless of genre or time period. But if I had to choose I guess it would probably be the 80s and 90s. I was a kid, my worries were few, my loved ones who are now gone were still with me. I was having a ball and yet didn't always realize I was having such a good time until I look back. Anyway, those 80s and 90s songs are the soundtrack to that time and therefore transport me back to great memories with each note.


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