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    Answer this 101

    I think it will be almost impossible to stump you all twice,but here goes..what classic early sixties song was inspired by something that a child said at a party?

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    Wait a hooch drinkin minute...i'm on the verge of something historic..i'm about to stump the great music minds of sdf twice??? Naw,this must be a hooch hullucination!!!

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    Sorry! I guess NONE of us are privy to that "inside" information that some kid at a party said something that inspired a hit song, and what the kid said. And I thought MY quizzes were tough and esoteric!!!
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    I'm still not quite accepting the last one since Highway QC did become the accepted
    name of the group and nobody could guess someone's intentions...but anyway I'll
    indulge Jai one time with this one but I don't expect an answer soon. So..."
    It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"...Huh? Is that it?...

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    Was it "I Second That Emotion"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 144man View Post
    Was it "I Second That Emotion"?
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    1967 was "EARLY Sixties"??? Funny way of counting?
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    I'm hopeless on years.

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    You'll be 71 on Thursday....

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    I'll be 73 in a couple months, and I can still tell which numbers are in the higher half of 1 to 10. But, sometimes I have to think hard to remember my nieces and nephews' names, even though I've known them all their lives. And yet, if I met a person only one time, for 5 minutes, before I was 40 years old, I can remember his or her name and face. But I can't remember what happened 3 seconds ago, or yesterday, or a week ago, or what is on the walls in my various domiciles, even in the room I am sitting right now.

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    No,no and no but i'm glad you guys are racking the ol brain cells,i'll give the answer on friday,hey splanky i wouldn't give out false info so you can take my answers to the bank[they're fact]oh and early sixties think[1961-62]one of you might stumble upon it!!

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    I'll cry if I want to?

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    Nice try danno...but nope!

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    Ok,here goes,once at a party hosted by sam cooke,his daughter said-everybody cha-cha,sam turned it into the classic-every loves to cha cha cha!!

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    Isn't it strange, how especially in the U.S. the official name of the dance is "cha cha."
    Sam Cooke said "Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha",
    but Bobby Womack said "That's the Way I Feel about Cha." -

    Best regards

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    When I was growing up, it was always the "cha cha" in England.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 144man View Post
    When I was growing up, it was always the "cha cha" in England.
    In France it was the cha-cha-cha.

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    In Canada, you would "dance The Cha Cha". But the verb, to do that dance, was "to cha-cha-cha".


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