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    Georgio (Motown)

    Does anybody know what happened to this guy? The little I did see some time ago was he did 2 albums for Motown and that his ego became unbearable and Motown let him go. Then he went to RCA for one album. I last heard he did a film around 2003 directing and so forth. Musically the guy did some really great dance tracks. He apparently tried to work with Prince but that didn't fare well then Motown got interested. I read he made some rather crude remarks about being better than Prince and Michael Jackson. Perhaps he just self destructed.

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    No idea what became of him. I actually mentioned him in a conversation with someone last year. I was talking about how his song "Tina Cherry" was my jam, and how I can remember being in the car with my mom and that song being on and me just jamming to it. Apparently my mother wasn't always closely paying attention to the lyrics of the songs on the radio because if she had, there's no way I would've been listening to that one. "Tina, Tina...I want...Tina, Tina's...Cherry". Of course I had no idea what he was talking about.

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    Here's his Instagram. Looks like he's still in love with himself.


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    His song "Rollin'" was the jam. With that said, he struck a lot of people like a Prince wannabe and I think that might have hurt his perception. His music seemed to be influenced by Prince but not necessarily a copy of it. And yeah, his ego was half a notch short of Terance Trent D'Arby's. You should at least wait until you have enough hits to headline concerts before you become a diva.

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    Miss Thang thought he was hot sh*t lmao

    Good looking dude but he should've waited until after album #2 or #3 to be cocky. Prince's cockiness came after he established himself. Giorgio couldn't wait until he completed his first album to try it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybrewster View Post
    Here's his Instagram. Looks like he's still in love with himself.

    He's apparently a father of four...

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    Looks like he's in construction. I remember his lyrics were sexually charged but I liked the instrumental tracks. I didn't care what the hell he was talking about but his ego was very transparent. He reminded me of a runt.

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    I'll admit that I bought and enjoyed the 12" of "Lover's Lane." And that's all I care to remember.



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